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Would you describe yourself as being a “burger person”? That may be a tricky question to answer, given how burger options are more versatile now than ever before. And if you happen to be visiting a place like Walt Disney World Resort, for instance, you’ll quickly find out that the concept of a “burger” takes on a vast range of new and tasty variations. In many cases, some of the most unique burger renditions are also the most delicious. Would you like to chow down on some of Disney World’s top-rated burgers? Well then, here’s a list of leading recommendations just for you.

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El Diablo Burger

What establishment is better to boast burgers than one centering almost exclusively on such offerings? That scenario plays out at D-Luxe Burger, over at Disney Springs. And as an eatery with the word “burger” literally in its name, you know they offer many enticing selections to boot, from their Classic Cheeseburger to their flavorful Barbecued Burger, and so many others. But one of the hottest menu features, in more ways than one, is none other than their El Diablo Burger. Calling it spicy would be a gross understatement, as this satisfyingly spicy suggestion comes as two-pressed chorizo and signature-blend patties, topped off with fried banana peppers, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayonnaise.

El Diablo Burger

Credit: Disney

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Kobe Beef Burger

On the flip side of a place like D-Luxe Burger, you don’t usually come to a pan-Asian dining establishment expecting to find a burger on the menu. But let it be known that Yak & Yeti Restaurant, on location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, actually features a fantastic rendition of such with their Kobe Beef Burger entrée. Presented as a 10-ounce grilled American Kobe Beef Burger, the inclusion of sesame-soy mayonnaise gives it that Asian kick, as crispy fries topped with your choice of either shiitake mushroom and scallop compote or Asian slaw enhance the flavorful presentation.

Yak & Yeti Kobe Burger

Credit: Yak & Yeti Facebook

Southwestern Burger

Connections Eatery over at EPCOT is an exciting newer go-to, known for offering a broad range of classic comforts with a novelty twist. Several burger options on the menu are sure to satisfy varying taste buds, one of which is their highly acclaimed Southwestern Burger. Presented as a gourmet beef patty on a toasted bun, garnishments of roasted corn-chipotle salsa, Oaxaca cheese, chamoy, and guacamole spread are really what distinguish it. Other burgers here that often receive high praise among diners include the French Bistro Burger and the American Classic.

Southwestern Burger at Connections Eatery

Credit: Disney

OMG Burger

Raglan Road Restaurant in Disney Springs is renowned for its myriad of Irish staples paired with authentic stage entertainment. It’s also home to the signature, rightfully named, OMG Burger. Presented as a dry-aged prime short rib patty and brisket beef crowned with Irish bacon, Dubliner Irish cheddar cheese, and crispy potato straws, the garnishing of Jameson Irish whiskey barbecue sauce gives it the perfect sendoff.

OMG Burger at Raglan Road

Credit: Raglan Road

Braai Burger

The Victoria Falls Lounge, on location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lounge, is a somewhat underrated establishment with limited evening hours. Still, the irony is that it’s also home to one of the most raved-about burger options. For those who have ever tried the Braai Burger and Seasoned Fries specialty featured on the menu here, you can rightfully attest to its uniqueness of Vulcan spice, safari amber beer cheese, and braised beef marmalade.

Braai Burger

Credit: Walt Disney World for Grownups/Kristen K

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Scorpion Burger

City Works Eatery & Pour House in Disney Springs also boasts some enticing burger variations. While notable picks include their Smokehouse Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger, and signature City Works Burger, their Scorpion Burger ranks high on the list as the hottest burger item of all. And I mean that literally, given how much heat this spicy specialty packs. While the presentation begins with a regular beef patty, all those fiery enhancements really take the quality up several notches where this burger is concerned. What are these enhancements exactly? Just a compilation of habanero pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, five-pepper jam, arugula, vine-ripened tomatoes, and none other than scorpion pepper aioli.

Scorpion Burger at City Works Eatery

Credit: City Works Eatery

Wagyu Burger & Fries

STK Orlando in Disney Springs may be more popular as a signature, upscale steakhouse, but it’s no secret they stand out in originality in more ways than one. And the versatile menu here far exceeds that of traditional steak renditions, even including elevated takes on otherwise more casual hits. For instance, just look at how they deliver on their signature standout burger. Here you have a seven-ounce wagyu beef patty piled up with lettuce, tomato, and onion, then topped off with gooey American cheese. Available enhancements, offered at an additional cost, include egg, bacon, grilled onions, and avocado.

STK Steakhouse Wagyu Burger

Credit: STK Steakhouse

Stack Burger

STK Orlando isn’t the only steakhouse at Disney World that goes above and beyond in its presentation of unconventional novelties. Steakhouse 71, on location at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, may still be a newcomer to the Disney dining scene, but it’s already become a favored hit among visitors. The profuse menu tells a lot about the restaurant’s ability to cater to a wide range of tastes, including more casual eaters, like those who prefer to bite into a burger over a sizzling steak. And for those folks in particular, no option fits the bill more perfectly than the Stack Burger. Culminating this mealtime masterpiece is a blend of beef, pork belly, American cheese, lemon aioli, red onions, and house-made pickles, all served up on a brioche bun.

Stack Burger at Steak 71

Credit: Disney

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BBQ Jackfruit Burger

Fellow vegetarians and vegans rejoice! It’s now a well-known and accepted fact that Disney World offers far more versatile options for people like us than ever before. And while many plant-based alternatives are absolutely delicious, we can all admit that not all meatless renditions are created equal. I mean that in the best way possible, though. Sometimes you go to one Disney dining location and think you’ve had the very best of the best, only to find another option waiting in the wings outdoing all others. That’s certainly the case for the BBQ Jackfruit Burger on the menu at Regal Eagle Smokehouse, located within the American Adventure Pavilion of EPCOT’s World Showcase. Here you have a vegan patty offering topped with authentic jackfruit in flavorful barbecue sauce, smattered with plant-based mayo, paired with lettuce, and served atop garlic toast.

BBQ Jackfruit Burger

Credit: Vegan Disney World

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Bison Cheeseburger

Geyser Point Bar & Grill, that open-air poolside eatery onsite of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, has many unique claims to foodie fame listed on its featured menu. And it’s here that you can snag what has been declared one of the best burgers by so many Guests. I am, of course, referring to that Bison Cheeseburger you may have heard about. Aside from the apparent bison patty component, the presentation here comes with bacon, sweet crispy onion straws, marionberry sauce, and garlic aioli.

Bison Burger at Geyser Point Bar & Grill

Credit: Disney

Lobster ‘Thermidor’ Burger

Another contested hit, which may very well be the most favored burger in all of Walt Disney World right now, is this clever concoction. Served up on the scene of the Grand Floridian Café at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, it’s an absolute one-of-a-kind original and the perfect solution for those who enjoy seafood and land fare alike. Plus, it’s so “classy” in its own way—as far as burgers go. What is the Lobster ‘Thermidor’ Burger exactly? It’s a demonstration of culinary craftsmanship that dresses up an artisanal seven-ounce burger patty in loaded lobster-parmesan Thermidor sauce, all dished up atop a seared brioche bun.

Lobster ‘Thermidor’ Burger

Credit: Disney

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In addition to this extensive lineup of top favorites, there are so many other specialty burgers to enjoy throughout Walt Disney World, including both regular menu features and limited-time offerings alike. And as is always the case with all things Disney, new ideas are forever being dreamed up and new options are constantly being developed.

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