Almost Half of America Hates Disney (According to a Poll)

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It’s no secret to anyone following the news, politics, or Disney lately that the company has had better years. Many troubling problems for the House of Mouse have been painful for fans of the company (such as yours truly).

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The Walt Disney Company’s Problems

Many people may point to issues surrounding the Walt Disney Company’s fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and members of the Florida legislature. Most are already aware that the company got involved with a controversial law in Florida that has put them in the crosshairs of Gov DeSantis and his supporters.

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Regardless of anyone’s view on the law, one thing appears certain: Disney’s involvement has only hurt the company (and, in some ways, helped raise Governor DeSantis into a prominent spotlight).

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But aside from the politics and culture war that Disney may find itself in, the company has other issues. The stock price has fallen, park attendance is down, Disney Plus is losing subscribers, and people aren’t going to see the new Disney movies.

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Although politics may play a part in Disney’s problem, there are many others facing it. Many Disney fans feel the company needs more creative ideas when it comes to movies. Currently it seems they are only interested in producing sequels and remakes.

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Some also think that a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort has become too expensive, if not completely unaffordable.

And investors seem to believe that the company has no plan for its future (regarding parks, streaming, or entertainment).

Disney Rasmussen Poll

A new poll from Rasmussen shows that only 51% of Americans view Disney favorably. The poll also finds that 40% of Americans view the company unfavorably, with 9% “not sure.”

The poll was conducted over the end of September, and as with most polls, it must be taken with a grain of salt.

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However, if the poll findings are believed, it’s not a good picture for the Walt Disney Company going forward. Further numbers in the poll include 26% of Americans saying it would help Disney to avoid political conflicts, while 21% said it would hurt, and 44% thought it wouldn’t make a difference. At least at this point and time.

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There are many ways to interpret the data, but one suggestion is that half the country doesn’t have a favorable view of Disney, and most think that Disney’s involvement in politics will make no difference.

What Now?

If that interpretation is correct, it may mean that the Walt Disney Company has lost half of the audience in America over the past year or two, and many of them do not plan to come back.

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Although some may view this as a win or have an attitude of “good riddance,” it could have long-term and devasting consequences for the Walt Disney Company. For almost 100 years, Disney has broadly targeted everybody in America – left, right, liberal, conservative, old, young, etc.

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But if they lose half of their audience (whichever half, it doesn’t matter), there may be no way for them to recoup the significant gains the company has made over the years.

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At least, not in the near future. Not with Bob Iger and the current leadership. But who knows? Anything is possible…

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