Disney’s New Snow White Rachel Zegler Cancelled

Rachel Zegler Cancelled
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Disney’s new live-action remake Snow White has been under much criticism lately.

Snow White

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A List of Controversies

From the beginning, many had criticized the casting of Rachel Zegler as Snow White. The West Side Story star is of Columbian and Polish descent, and many people complained that she was not fair-skinned enough to play a character whose skin was supposed to be “white as snow.”

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The movie has also been criticized for ditching the seven dwarfs and replacing them with seven magical creatures.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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But as of late, many of the controversies and backlash to the film have come from not so much Disney’s decisions but comments made by the future Disney princess, herself.

Zegler and Snow White

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Rachel Zegler criticized the original animated classic by Walt Disney. In addition to calling the movie and its tropes dates, she referred to the movie’s Prince Charming as a stalker.

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Other comments she made included her saying that Snow White wouldn’t be dreaming about love in the remake. Instead, she was going to be focused on being a leader. Rachel Zelger also joked that the prince may be cut from the movie entirely.

Disney had actually begun to seek public relations firms to help deal with the comments that Rachel Zegler had been creating. The Walt Disney Company cannot afford to keep producing films that don’t make money. And it’s risky with their lead actress causing a lot of online hate for old-school Disney fans.

And Rachel Zegler had also criticized the original Disney Park ride.

Controversies over Disney’s live-action remakes are nothing new. The company has received backlash from fans over changes made to The Little Mermaid (2023), Peter Pan and Wendy (2023), and Pinocchio (2022).

Pinocchio Live-Action

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Rachel Zegler Cancelled

But it seems that Rachel Zegler, Disney’s new Snow White, may have gotten herself canceled.

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She was initially planning to star in Paddington 3. The original Paddington movie was based on a book series and followed the story of a bear from Peru who moves to London.

The 2014 movie adaptation was successful enough to spawn a sequel in 2017. A third movie is currently in production.

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However, the reasons why exactly Rachel Zegler found herself dropped from the movie are not known for 100%. Many speculate that the public relations problem she has created for Disney is something another studio doesn’t want to deal with.

Publicly, the re-casting has been described as being due to the current SAG-AFTRA strikes. However, if that is the case, one would assume ANY actor taking the role would have the same issues.

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Currently, there has been no confirmation regarding her replacement in the movie.

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