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Dolly Parton Joins Controversial ‘Snow White’ Rachel Zegler

Dolly Parton and Snow White Live Action Rachel Zelger

Acclaimed musician and entertainer Dolly Parton is beloved by millions around the world, including actress Rachel Zegler. Dolly Parton has become a cultural icon when it comes to being a music superstar and philanthropist. Born in 1946 in the Tennessee countryside, she started rocking the country music scene in the late ’60s and became a total legend. Dolly’s got an ...

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Disney Brings Back the 7 Dwarfs…But They’re Odd…

Snow white and Zegler

Remember hearing about the new live-action Snow White remake Disney was making? Do you remember hearing how Disney was scrapping the dwarfs and replacing them with seven “magical creatures?” Well, it seems they may be changing that… First Things First The Walt Disney Company has postponed the highly anticipated remake of the beloved classic Snow White. While the concept of ...

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Conservative Company Makes Its Own ‘Snow White’ Movie

Snow White with line through it

Disney’s live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been a topic of controversy for quite some time. The Snow White Controversies First was issue some had was over Rachel Zegler being cast as Snow White. She defines herself as a woman of color. And since skin color is an important plot point character trait of the story, ...

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Disney’s New Snow White Rachel Zegler Cancelled

Rachel Zegler Cancelled

Disney’s new live-action remake Snow White has been under much criticism lately. A List of Controversies From the beginning, many had criticized the casting of Rachel Zegler as Snow White. The West Side Story star is of Columbian and Polish descent, and many people complained that she was not fair-skinned enough to play a character whose skin was supposed to ...

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Yet Another Snow White Critic?

Rachel Zegler as Snow White

Fans of Disney’s Snow White are eagerly anticipating the upcoming live-action adaptation of the classic, but not everyone is excited about it. The movie, which is set for release in 2024 and is co-written by Barbie director/writer Greta Gerwig and The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb, does not currently have a trailer. According to Rachel Zegler, who will portray Snow ...

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Details on the New Live Action ‘Snow White’

Snow White Cover

With The Little Mermaid (2023) now in theaters, many Disney fans are anxious for details about the next live-action film released from Walt Disney Studios. RELATED: Live-Action Disney Film Set to Begin Filming This Fall The Next Live-Action Remake Although release dates can change, the next live-action princess film on the list is Snow White (2024), planned to hit cinemas on ...

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These Are the Disney World Attractions Themed Around Disney Princesses

Rides and Attractions With Disney Princesses Feature Image

It cannot be denied that Disney Princesses play many significant roles in Disney theme parks worldwide. From making appearances in various parade processions to engaging fans through beloved Character Meet and Greet opportunities, from visiting each and every table in restaurants during select Character Dining engagements to even serving as the inspiration for certain Resort rooms and themed motifs, it ...

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Here’s What You Need to Know About ‘Disney On Ice’

Disney On Ice Feature

These days there are so many different ways to get your Disney fixing. The most obvious pursuit for any family to strive for is to go on vacation to one of the many impressive Disney theme park/Disney Resort destinations now in existence. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida remains the number choice for many folks, with Disneyland Resort in California ...

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Ways to Get Your Princess Fix at Walt Disney World

Princess Fix Collage Feature Image

Princesses have played an important role in bringing to life the magic of Walt Disney Entertainment for many years. They are, after all, among some of our most beloved Disney heroines and the role models that so many young girls grow up being inspired by. So, naturally, Disney Princesses are very integral to the overall Disney Experience at Parks and ...

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