President Caught With Pants Down at Disney’s EPCOT Theme Park

Disney Parks have seen their fair share of incidents lately.

From a dangerous pyramid trespass to a backstage Kilimanjaro Safari evacuation, Guests have witnessed some interesting events at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme parks in the last few months.

Some Guests, however, saw more than they bargained for this week when a United States President was hilariously caught with his pants down at Disney’s EPCOT at Walt Disney World in Florida.


EPCOT’s American Adventure is the host pavilion of the World Showcase at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida, and features the new quick-service Muppet restaurant Regal Eagle Smokehouse, America Gardens Theater, and the classic audio-animatronics stage show of American history, American Adventure.

Narrated by audio-animatronic figures of Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, the show presents a celebration of American life and history in a theater-like auditorium.

Guests can enjoy an insight into the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Great Depression followed by a rousing musical film montage representing famous moments and people in American history from World War II to the present.


Credit: Disney

The show is known for its patriotic ambiance and incredible Imagineering, but one Disney fan spotted the audio-animatronic version of President Theodore Roosevelt without a belt recently, leaving the 26th United States President in an unfortunate situation.

Twitter user Tammy Tuckey (@TammyTuckey) shared an intriguing photo taken at 7:30 p.m. on April 23, showing Roosevelt in his bizarre situation:

Teddy’s belt broken and his pants are down! Told the team at AA and they’re gonna get him a new belt. #EPCOT

Not a great look, Teddy! Thankfully, the Disney Guest reveals that they did inform EPCOT Cast Members about the pants down issue, who no doubt fixed the problem as soon as possible.

Interestingly, the American Adventure took Disney Imagineers 5 years to complete. The show is filled with 35 audio animatronics, exciting engineering, and impressive technology, all working together to commemorate pivotal moments in history. Ten different sets are stored under the stage and are moved forward or backward on cue by this American technological marvel.

The celebratory retelling of the nation’s history is also accompanied by the Voices of Liberty, an eight-member a cappella group that hosts patriotic pre-show performances in the pavilion rotunda throughout the day.


Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney World website describes the American Adventure experience below:

In this dramatic production featuring 35 Audio-Animatronics figures, digital rear-projection images on a 72-foot screen and stirring patriotic songs, you’ll watch firsthand as America’s story unfolds.

Take your seat in a stately Colonial theater and meet Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain—your guides on this trip through time.

Witness landmark events like landing of the Mayflower, the Boston Tea Party, the winter at Valley Forge, the penning of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War and the Great Depression.

You’ll even encounter luminaries like Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Jefferson, Chief Joseph and Teddy Roosevelt, among others.

Let’s hope President Joe Biden would have a more successful day at Walt Disney World’s theme parks than poor Teddy Roosevelt!

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