The Disney Park Restaurant You Didn’t Know Served Tonga Toast

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One of the most popular food items at the Walt Disney World Resort is the breakfast staple known as Tonga Toast. This sweet and savory treat is banana-stuffed French Toast that is rolled in cinnamon-sugar and topped with a strawberry compote, and it is delicious!

Most fans of Tonga Toast get their fill at Kona Cafe, at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, or at Captain Cook’s, the Resort’s quick-service restaurant which offers a budget-friendly version of the classic Disney breakfast.

But did you know there is another restaurant that is actually located at a Disney Park that also serves this beloved treat? It’s location may surprise you…

Tonga Toast at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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While we usually think of Tonga Toast as a pre-Magic Kingdom breakfast, as the Polynesian Village Resort is right on the monorail line, it is also on the menu at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

There are two table-service restaurants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that serve breakfast- Tusker House Restaurant in Harambe Village and Rainforest Cafe, located right by the entrance to this Disney Park. The latter serves Tonga Toast!

The breakfast menu at Rainforest Cafe describes their version of Tonga Toast as:

Cinnamon French Toast with Maple Syrup, Strawberries and Bananas. Served with choice of Bacon or Sausage.

Rainforest Cafe Tonga Toast

Tonga Toast at Rainforest Cafe, Credit:

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We do have to point out that this version of Tonga Toast is not stuffed like the one at the Polynesian, but it does offer a similar flavor where it replaces the strawberry compote with fresh strawberries. The Rainforest Cafe version is also lighter without it being stuffed, so if you are craving Tonga Toast but are not up for such a filling breakfast, this could be just the thing to try!

It is also worth noting that Rainforest Cafe’s take on the breakfast is slightly cheaper than Kona Cafe’s at $14.99 for the Rainforest version and $17 for Kona’s. However, the greatest deal on Tonga Toast remains the $10 version at Captain Cook’s, a breakfast spot that is especially helpful if you are looking for Tonga Toast without having to spend time at a table-service restaurant.

Rainforest Cafe Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Breakfast at Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is highly underrated, not only for the Tonga Toast, but for a table-service option right at the Park that is even on the more affordable side (especially considering the only other table-service breakfast in Animal Kingdom is Tusker House Restaurant, which is pricey as it is a character dining experience.)

Rainforest Cafe’s breakfast menu includes all of the traditional breakfast staples along with Tonga Toast, breakfast sliders, and items like chicken fried steak and eggs or the Pie of the Viper, a Mexican-style breakfast pizza.

Disney’s official description of Rainforest Cafe reads:

A Wild Place to Shop and Eat
American-style eats with a tropical twist await travelers who journey into this dense, animal-filled jungle.

Gather your party of explorers on a trek into the Amazon, where you’ll dine in the company of animated animals to the sounds of thunder claps and sudden rainstorms. Singing birds, trumpeting elephants, chest-pounding gorillas and schools of brightly colored fish welcome you to a lushly landscaped jungle of tropical vegetation, banyan trees, waterfalls and a starry nighttime sky.

Feel far away yet at home all at once with American-style eats the whole family will love. Then swing by the Rainforest Cafe shop, where you can pick up plush animals, themed apparel and tropical trinkets to commemorate your Amazon adventure.

If you want to try Rainforest Cafe during your next trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the restaurant serves breakfast daily from 8:30 a.m.-10:25 a.m. Enjoy!

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