SHUT UP! Sources Confirm Plans For A New ‘Princess Diaries’ Film at Disney

Miracles really DO happen when you believe! Information released today confirms Disney will make a new installment in the Princess Diaries franchise.

The Princess Diaries (2001) follows the adventures of a plucky high school outcast, Mia Thermopolis, who finds out she’s the heir to the throne of a fictional kingdom in Europe, Genovia. The Disney film, and its 2004 sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, were based on the young adult book series of the same name by Meg Cabot. Both movies were a smash-hit with audiences, bringing in a total of nearly $301 million worldwide.

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Luckily, sources say Disney plans to keep the third installment in the series a genuine “threequel” rather than a spinoff or reboot. Although, many fans are wondering how this will work, as franchise lead Anne Hathaway currently does not have a return deal with Disney.

Despite this, the star did share her support for a second sequel to the beloved franchise, especially noting that they should do everything necessary to include the iconic Julie Andrews, who played Mia’s grandmother, Queen Clarisse. Additionally, many are hoping for the return of Mia’s (second) love interest, played by a young Chris Pine, as seen on Twitter:

However, for now, we only know the producers and writers for the Princess Diaries 3: scriptwriter Aadrita Mukerji, producer Debra Martin Chase, and executive producer Melissa Stack. Sadly, the franchise’s original director, Garry Marshall, has since passed away, and it is unclear who will replace him.

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Between the three of them, the creatives have had a hand in hits such as Cameron Diaz’s The Other Woman (2014), Quantum Leap (2022), Scorpion (2014), Reacher (2022), Supergirl (2015), and Disney+’s Godmothered (2020), in addition to the original two Princess Diaries films.

In addition, only time will tell if Disney plans for Princess Diaries 3 to release in theaters per the Little Mermaid (2023), or if it will be relegated to Disney+ just like the long-awaited sequel to Enchanted (2007) and Hocus Pocus (1993).

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Are you excited about the return to Genovia with this new Princess Diaries film? Fans can watch the first two movies with an active Disney+ subscription, and find even more princess fun at the Disney Parks!

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