Summer Camp Students in Bahamas Embark on Disney Wish

Disney Wish
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney is taking learning to a whole new level. It’s no secret Disney loves to give back to others. The Disney Cruise Line specifically, is always up for the challenge to help and donate to others. Recently, The Disney Cruise Line gave back by packaging nearly 500 meals for students in the local community in Orlando.

Now the Disney Cruise Line is giving back to students in a different way. With this outside-of-the-classroom learning experience, students at a Bahimian summer camp get to board one of Disney’s Cruise ships. To learn more about careers at sea, who better to guide and inspire students than Disney’s own Cast Members?

Students boarded the Disney Wish to have an all-new learning experience. The Maritime summer camp is sponsored by Disney Cruise Line at the LJM Maritime Academy in Nassau, Bahamas. The two-week camp has been sponsored by Disney Cruise Line for many years.

Summer Camp Boards Disney Wish

The lucky cohort of 25 students ranging from ages 10 to 13, boarded Disney Wish to learn more about career opportunities. While the students learned about the global and local maritime industry, they also were given a memorable yet educational experience for the day. “While the ship was in port in Nassau, the students toured the ship, learned from crew members in a variety of roles, met the captain of the Disney Wish, and even had the special opportunity to visit the ship’s command center bridge,” Disney Parks Blog reported.

Disney Wish

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

During the eventful day, students were able to tour the ship’s theatre, dining locations, and activity spaces. A special Guest, Minnie Mouse dressed in her best boating gear greeted the students. Surely this made it the most memorable classroom experience yet. As part of the approach to give back to students, Disney Cruise Line sees educating students as an opportunity for career exploration.

Disney Cruise Line Gives Back

Furthermore, “This initiative is one of many that are part of Disney Future Storytellers, The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to empowering the next generation of storytellers and innovators,” Disney Cruise Line Blog writes. Since 2019, Disney Cruise Line has sponsored a cadet scholarship for young adults who aspire to become a part of careers at sea. “The scholarships cover tuition for the three-year LJM Maritime Academy program, which includes two years of study at the academy and one year of service aboard a Disney ship,” Disney writes.

Disney Wish

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

The youth is an important population to not only give back to but educate and help inspire. For students to have visual opportunities of where their futures can go is something a lesson plan could never imply. It is heartwarming to see the impact Disney’s efforts have on students and how the company continues to give back to the younger generation.

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