The All-New Breathtaking Suite Inspired by EPCOT

Credit: D23

EPCOT is going to sea, sort of! Yesterday, Disney hosted a live reveal for Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, Disney Treasure. While fans revel in its beauty, Disney’s release gave more than just a sneak peek into the ship’s details. We got to experience everything from an onboard attraction, AquaMouse, immersive dining experiences, kid’s areas, adult-only spots, and so much more.

While Disney hasn’t released absolutely everything just yet, they are holding on to a few more surprises before the ship’s first voyage. As we wait for those details over the next year, we are still speechless from the reveal and just how much Disney was able to create on a cruise ship. One of the most spectacular parts of the ship has to be the accommodations. Of course, every nook and cranny was well thought out and designed to perfection, but the suites may just take your breath away.

Disney Treasure

Credit: Disney Treasure

The four royal suites aboard Disney Treasure include the Rajah Royal Suites, Bagheera Royal Suites, and The Tomorrow Tower Suite. Rajah Royal Suites is inspired by Princess Jasmine’s protective pet tiger from Aladdin (1992). Bagheera Royal Suites is crafted after the honorable panther from The Jungle Book (1967). The Tomorrow Tower Suite pulls inspiration from Walt Disney World’s EPCOT and is a unique experience.

The Tomorrow Tower Suite

The Tomorrow Tower Suite was inspired by EPCOT, a passion project for Walt Disney. Unfortunately, he was never able to see the Park come to fruition, “He wanted to build a place where people could live in an environment like no other,” D23 wrote. EPCOT has successfully become a Park “like no other,” so it comes as no surprise the Tomorrow Tower Suite is the same.

Disney Treasure Tomorrow Suite

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Set high in the Disney Treasure’s forward funnel, the suite overlooks the ship’s top deck through an expansive two-story window. If that’s not enough to make you run for your wallet, the suite is nearly 2,000 square feet of living space, which can sleep eight guests, along with eating areas, a full kitchen, plenty of living spaces, and a private ensuite elevator.

Disney Treasure Tomorrow Suite

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

“The distinct atmosphere of EPCOT’s World of Discovery neighborhood will be interpreted through dynamic art pieces, molten metal accents, and futuristic, colorful glass accents throughout the suite,” Disney Cruise Line details. The suite resembles the same forward-thinking Walt Disney once had, and EPCOT encompasses every day.

Disney Treasure Tomorrow Suite

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Although not setting sail for a little over a year, this is a Disney cruise you’ll want to add to your bucket list. Disney Treasure will be traveling to the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Port Canaveral. General booking for Disney Treasure will open on September 20, 2023.

This is your sure way to vacation in style. Would you take an adventure on Disney Treasure?

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