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Things That Make a Big Difference on Your Walt Disney World Vacation

When planning for a Walt Disney World vacation, it is easy to think about how your Resort choice, Theme Park choice, dining reservations, and use of Genie+ will impact your vacation experience. These are all a big part of your planning process and they will all impact your overall vacation experience; however, they aren’t the only things that will.

We have a few things that will make a big difference on your Walt Disney World vacation and you might not think about them until it is too late. We hope bringing these important factors up you will be more prepared and have an even better Walt Disney World vacation.

Make Sure Everyone Gets Sleep

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This might seem like common sense, but it is easy to keep pushing when it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation. You want to be at the Theme Park for rope drop and then don’t want to miss the fireworks that evening so you keep going. By over-scheduling yourself during your vacation you can really do so at the expense of good sleep which is so important to stay fresh on your vacation.

When you are making your daily plans for your vacation, think about how your consecutive Theme Park days line up. If you are planning on staying late for fireworks or even splurging on an after-hours event, it might not be the best idea to rope drop the next morning. Think about if your kids still take naps during the day and make sure to schedule around those as well.

Even if you don’t want to head back to the Resort for a nap, slow down and relax in the Parks during their normal nap time. Don’t schedule dining reservations or Genie+ return times for those peak nap times.  This can result in little ones melting down. The excitement of Walt Disney World will want to push you to keep going, but eventually, everyone will crash.  Be proactive by making sure everyone will be getting good sleep during your vacation.

Have a Non-Park Day

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A good way to allow yourself to slow down is to build in a non-park day.  This can be hard to do as you want to be in the Parks riding the rides and experiencing all the fun, but you can do this outside of the Parks as well. A great way to recharge during your vacation is to schedule a non-park day midway through.  There is so much magic to experience outside the Theme Parks and it is an excellent way to refresh and relax.

The Walt Disney World Resort pools are fantastic and little ones (and big ones) will enjoy having a day to chill at the pool.  Sleep in, have a great breakfast, and then hit the pool for some sunshine and fun. There are also a variety of activities at the Resorts that kids will love participating in.  Most days the main pools at the Resorts offer games and activities for kids which can be a lot of fun for the whole family.

By taking time to step outside of the Parks for a day, you can set yourself up for preventing meltdowns.

Eating the Right Food

One of the best parts of vacation is that you can eat whatever you want. Have that extra dessert or grab another Mickey Bar as it is vacation. This is true, but it is also important to make sure everyone is getting the right fuel to make it through the long days in the Theme Parks.

Tummy aches and meltdowns can be a result of not getting enough nutritional fuel so make sure that you sneak in some healthy items along the way. Walt Disney World has really stepped up its game when it comes to providing healthy and nutritional meal choices throughout the Theme Parks and Resorts.

There are places to find fresh fruit and veggies and don’t forget that you can choose to have groceries delivered to your Resort as well. Making sure that everyone gets some nutrients is important to keeping everyone happy during the vacation.

Stay Hydrated

Right along with eating the right food is staying hydrated.  Most of us struggle with drinking enough water normally at home. Now you add in walking over ten miles a day in the heat and humidity of Florida, we definitely need to drink more water.

Make sure everyone has water bottles that you can refill throughout the Parks and that way you have it with you at all times. Quick service locations offer free ice water and Disney has started to put in more water filling stations in the Theme Parks. Keep the family hydrated in order to prevent meltdowns and dehydration during your vacation.

Being Flexible

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We know that you have been planning your vacation for months or even years, but a key part of a successful Walt Disney World vacation is flexibility. Be aware that someone is getting tired, dehydrated, or hungry, and allow yourself time to step back and evaluate your plans. Pushing everyone to do a meal or a ride when they aren’t feeling up to it won’t be magical for anyone.  Instead, be willing to adjust the plans.

If you need to reschedule a reservation because someone just can’t do a sit-down meal, be okay with that.  Consider pushing it to later in your trip or enjoy one of the great quick-service locations instead. The most important part of a Walt Disney World vacation is the magical memories that you are making together with those that you love.  If you are pushing them to the point they are miserable, those memories aren’t going to be as magical.

Walt Disney World has so much magic to offer, but don’t forget to take care of the basic needs like rest, nutrition, and hydration during your vacation. Having these basic needs met can make a huge difference on your Walt Disney World vacation.

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