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An Unwelcome Intruder Frightens Disney World Guests in Their Hotel Room

Although Florida is known as the “Sunshine State,” summertime can be incredibly uncomfortable for its residents. Extreme temperatures and a humid climate make the perfect breeding ground for creepy crawlies and reptiles.
Guests of Walt Disney World Resort sometimes spot interesting creatures roaming around surprising areas. From alligators to snakes, Parks like Disney’s Animal Kingdom have signs posted warning visitors to stay away from certain areas.
Disney's Animal Kingdom Danger Signs

Credit: Shaun Powell

But what if the location containing wildlife happens to be the hotel room you’re staying in?! This was the case for Guests of Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Known as a Value Resort for its cheaper accommodations, a Disney Guest recently reported a disturbing find.
Reddit User @u/ADeSieno75 shared a photo showcasing the unwelcome visitor. A hefty size scorpion could be seen trapped in what looks like a trash can or some sort of plastic container.

Scorpion in our room at Pop Century from WaltDisneyWorld

Scorpion Pop Century

Credit: u/ADeSieno75 on Reddit

Complete with trademark pinchers and a creepy, curved tail, the Arachnida, a distant cousin of the spider, looks ominous in his “cage.” Three main species of scorpions call Florida their home: the Florida Bark Scorpion, the Hentz Striped Scorpion, and the Guiana Striped Scorpion.

The creepy crawlies love to hide in dark areas, often surprising unknowing homeowners who accidentally discover them. Florida scorpions only live three to five years but can reproduce multiple times annually, frequently causing infestations, eek!


Credit: V Mills

One question comes to mind after this alarming find…Do you think this scenario could play out in a more expensive Deluxe Resort? Although Pop Century is technically classified as a Value Resort, it’s a popular choice among Guests looking for more affordable accommodations.

Will this prohibit Walt Disney World Resort Guests from staying at the location in the future? Or will the upbeat, vintage ambiance continue to drive them in? What do you think?!

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