VIDEO: Are Travel Agents Hoarding Disney Dining Reservations?

A Walt Disney World vacation is full of excitement, new attractions to ride, and new Disney food to eat! The Disney experience isn’t complete without eating at one of Walt Disney World’s exciting restaurants.

But lately, Guests have been noticing that Disney dining reservations are becoming harder and harder to make.


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One Guest took to social media to discuss it and even claimed that Disney travel agents are gathering Disney dining reservations and reselling them, contributing to how difficult it is to place one.


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Jason (@theaktripplanner on TikTok), a Made of Magic Travel Magic Coordinator and avid Disney fan, recently shared the video above. Jason refers to the situation as the “travel agent dining reservation drama.” He says,

I didn’t realize that there was a bunch of travel agents who are not only hoarding reservations but also – selling them! Yeah, Disney dining reservations are getting hard to get because people are taking them and they’re selling them.

Other frequent Guests readily believed this idea. One TikTok user wrote, “Well no wonder I can never get anything!” to which Jason replied, “Yeah me neither!!!


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Out of over 100 comments, many discuss how they cannot make Disney dining reservations.

Another TikTok user commented, “There are even Facebook pages for this. It’s insane.” Jason replies, writing, “YEAH!! That’s how I found out!! Another agent I work with is in one for drops and someone tried to sell her a reservation.

Although we did find a private Facebook group dedicated to exchanging Disney dining reservations, the group’s page clearly states that selling reservations is prohibited. The ‘About This Group’ statement reads:

Please note: this group does not promote or advocate the sale of Disney dining reservations. Any evidence of this on the site will result in an immediate ban from this group.

However, are reservations still being sold despite this warning?

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Is this problem prevalent in Disney Dining or travel agency circles? Or are these just rumors? We can’t say for sure, but DisneyTips will keep readers updated on the latest news regarding all things Walt Disney World-including Disney dining reservations.

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