Walt Disney Archives Announces Magical Exhibit

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The Walt Disney Company is always in the business of storytelling. Whether it be a new or old story, the company always looks for new, inventive ways to tell stories. The Walt Disney Archives was established in 1970 to preserve and collect all historical materials. The history tells the story of  Walt Disney and the company he left behind.

“From Mickey Mouse to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, characters and stories introduced decades ago continue to be celebrated in brand-new films, television programs, merchandise items, and theme park experiences,” D23 writes. Now, the Walt Disney Archives is set to present an exhibition displaying the artwork of some Imagineers who had a hand in creating our favorite Disney stories.


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“Heroes and Villians: The Art of the Disney Costume” is coming to Birmingham, Alabama. Opening on February 17, 2024, the exhibition will be at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

“Heroes and Villians: The Art of the Disney Costume”

Presented by PNC and the Walt Disney Archives, the exhibition tickets will go on sale in October starting at $3o per person. “Comprised of 70 costumes spanning nearly half a century, this captivating show takes visitors on a journey into the enchanting worlds of Disney, highlighting the innovative ways some of the iconic characters are brought to life through the artistry and imagination of their costumes” Birmingham Museum of Art describes.

The exhibition will run through August 18, 2024, featuring original art. Guests can expect to see “Captain Jack Sparrow’s pirate garb, Cruella De Vil’s fashionable frock, Cinderella’s glass slipper, and the Sanderson Sisters’ wicked wardrobe.” Additionally, visitors will learn the craftsmanship that goes into ball gowns, uniforms, tiaras, and so much more.

The Sanderson Sisters

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As Disney fans, we all want an inside scoop on how Imagineers do what they do best: create. This exhibit will give that behind-the-scenes feel to the creative process. “The main exhibition gallery is organized into three archetypes: heroes, villains, and the antiheroes of Disney storytelling,” CBS 42 details. In addition, there will be interactive elements to make Guests feel like a part of the enchanting world of Disney.

Which character costume would you love to see on display?

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