The Walt Disney World Attractions That Guarantee You A Different Experience Every Time

No matter how many times you visit the Walt Disney World Resort, you are guaranteed to have a magical experience. There is also so much to offer that can allow every Walt Disney World vacation to be slightly different, despite each visit including similar experiences. But you may be wondering if you really need to ride the attractions more than once.

Of course, we will all have our favorite Walt Disney World ride attractions to experience time and time again, but there are others that you may question if they will vary and if you should really experience them again. Surprisingly, there are plenty of attractions around the Walt Disney World Resort that will provide you with a different Disney experience every single time. This is true whether you are a Guest who is using Disney Genie+ or individual Lightning Lane or not.

So, are you wanting the know the Walt Disney World ride attractions that you need to ride more than once? Let’s look at the Walt Disney World Resort attractions where you are guaranteed a different experience every time.

Magic Kingdom

Let’s begin with the original Disney Park in Lake Buena Vista. The Magic Kingdom has three attractions that will vary with each experience.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is located in Tomorrowland and is a comedy show starring favorite Monsters from the Disney Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc. (2001). Take a seat in the theatre and prepare to laugh at a hilarious and gag-tastic show. You never know, you or a member of your party may even get to star in it!


Credit: Disney Tips

Also found in Tomorrowland, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin takes Guests on an interactive journey, where they help to defeat Emperor Zurg, from Toy Story 2 (1999), by firing their laser at glowing ‘Z’ targets. The aim is to score as many points as possible in the hope of becoming a Galactic Hero! While the ride remains the same, you won’t spin your XP-37 Star Cruiser the same way every time and are likely to get a different score unless you are a true Galactic Hero who can obtain that 999,999 every single ride.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Credit: Disney

Head across Main Street, U.S.A. to the opposite side of Magic Kingdom Park, or a longer stroll through Fantasyland passing ‘it’s a small world,’ Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square, and Frontierland, to Adventureland and take a ride on Jungle Cruise. Your Jungle Skipper, a.k.a tour guide, is who makes this attraction different every time. Prepare to laugh your way around the exotic boat tour, and applaud your skipper as you disembark!


Credit: Disney Tips

In case you’re wondering about Space Mountain, we haven’t included it as an attraction that guarantees a different experience, as there are only two tracks to ride. Additionally, the track you ride depends on whether you are using Disney Genie+, have a Lightning Lane reservation, or are using the regular line for this Tomorrowland attraction. 

Similarly, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad provides Guests with one of two ride beginnings and endings, depending on the side of the station you load from, but otherwise all Guests ride along the same track. This is the same for Guests who are using Disney Genie+ or individual Lightning Lane. Finally, a ride on Splash Mountain may vary slightly, but only by how wet you get during each ride.

Guests who like to explore Tom Sawyer Island in Frontierland may get a varied experience depending on the routes and paths that they follow. There are also different rafts to cross the Rivers of America on.


In EPCOT theme park, you’ll find three attractions that will give you a different experience every time.

First stop is Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the newest attraction to open at Walt Disney World. Prepare for a thrilling, intergalactic ride through time and space on this Disney coaster. In reality, you need to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at least six times, to allow you to experience all that it has to offer, as there are six songs that can make up the soundtrack to your ride experience:

  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears for Fears
  • September by Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Disco Inferno by the Trammps
  • Conga by Gloria Estefan
  • I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls
  • One Way or Another by Blondie
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Credit: Zach Riddley

Located in World Nature, Turtle Talk with Crush allows Guests to interact with Crush from Finding Nemo (2003). Each 15-minute experience is guaranteed to be different, as Guests have their own questions answered. Crush may even introduce his friends such as Marlin, Nemo and Squirt. 

Turtle Talk with Crush

Credit: Disney

Also in World Nature, Living with the Land takes Guests on a journey through the living greenhouses that provide crops for the restaurants around Walt Disney World. The greenhouses receive seasonal updates, providing Guests with a view of different crops, depending on the time of year that they are visiting.


Credit: V Mills

Whilst we haven’t included Soarin’ Around The World in the attractions that offer a different ride experience every time, we do appreciate that where you sit provides you with a slightly different vantage point of the screen. If you want consistency, then be sure to ask to sit in the B section, on row 1.

Don’t forget that there are also two EPCOT attractions that provide Guests with a customization element, which are both found in what used to be known as Future World. When riding Test Track, Guests can create their own car to test out whilst later on in the ride. Additionally, at the end of Spaceship Earth, Guests can answer some questions to show what their future could be like, taking into account their likes.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safaris is the only attraction in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to provide Guests with a different experience every time. While Expedition Everest used to, depending on the moving sequence the Yeti would demonstrate, he, unfortunately, is now fixed into place due to his size.

When taking a Kilimanjaro Safari, your adventure guide/ driver, and the time of day that you visit, ensure that no two safaris will be the same. The safari allows Guests to explore Harambe Wildlife Reserve, which is home to a wide variety of animals that can be seen on your safari. When is your favorite time of day to go on safari?

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Credit: Disney

Similar to Soarin’ Around the World in EPCOT, Avatar Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom may slightly vary your viewing experience depending on where you are sat in the ride vehicle. This, however, shouldn’t be as noticeable as the EPCOT attraction due to 3D glasses being worn by all Guests who are taking flight on a Banshee.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

You’ll find four attractions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios that will provide a different ride experience every time.

Opposite to Slinky Dog Dash, Toy Story Mania! in Toy Story Land takes Guests through a 4D shooting gallery, where the aim is to get the highest score. There is a leaderboard at the end of each experience which shows the Best Score In Vehicle, Best This Hour, Best Today and Best This Month, providing each Guest with something to aim for next time round. Who else would love to get the best score of the month?

Toy Story Mania

Credit: Disney

Right at the end of Sunset Boulevard is the iconic The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. While the line experience and the ride attraction vehicle remain the same every time, each drop sequence is different, so you never know what your experience in the elevator will be like. We invite you, if you dare, to step aboard…


Credit: Disney

Moving across to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run allows Guests to take a role while experiencing a thrilling, interactive smuggling mission. Which role will you be assigned: the pilot; engineer; or gunner? Guests on board all contribute to the ride, meaning that no two experiences will be the same.


Credit: Disney

Sticking with the Star Wars attractions, Star Tours – The Adventure Continues is another ride experience that will vary from one to another. Each adventure brings Guests face-to-face with a different character, in a new location, from the movie franchise. It’s true that no two rides on Star Tours are ever the same!

Star Tours - The Adventures Continue

Credit: Disney

In terms of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, all Guests will experience the same ride, however, may gain different vantage points in the attraction, depending on the train car that they are seated in.

Are any of these attractions your favorite? We do love the different experiences that they all bring to a Disney vacation.

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