What to Do in Disney World When It Rains

disneyland in the rain
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It is no secret that Florida has a hurricane season. Orlando’s hurricane season is marked from June to late November but can start earlier in May. With that said, what does that mean for our Disney vacations? Disney World doesn’t slow down with Guests much, especially during the summertime. Summer is a great time to visit as school is out and families usually plan their family vacations.

Although rain can put a little damper on your plans, there are still plenty of things to do in Disney World if the rain comes. Something to note is that oftentimes, rain can come in what seems like out of nowhere, and leave just as quickly. So don’t let a little rain worry you! At Disney World, there is always something to do even with a little drizzle.

Ironically, some love the rain and in the summer months, it’s cooling as you’re walking through the parks. If you don’t mind getting your Minnie ears a little wet, by all means just pack your rain jacket or poncho and keep on with your plans for the day! If you’re not crazy about getting soaked, here are some ideas to keep in your back pocket for a rainy day at Disney.

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Disney World Parks

All four parks offer experiences for all ages. When it rains, there are some places you can hide out the storm if you don’t want to run back to your hotel room. Depending on the time of day, dining is always a great option. Find a restaurant with indoor or shaded seating and enjoy your favorite meal or snack until the weather clears up.

Disney also offers some fun photo ops with their Disney Photopass, even on rainy days! Don’t let some water ruin your trip and prevent you from any memorable photos. You can view their studios and photo spot options, here.

WDW Dining

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If you’re already at your Resort or heading back due to the rain, there’s plenty to do! As long as there’s no lightning, you could play in the pool. Each Resort has its own dining options, which you can always enjoy while waiting out the drizzle. Furthermore, your room is an oasis all in itself. If you are looking for a more relaxing day, pop on a Disney movie and enjoy it from the comfort of your Resort bed. Other indoor activities at most Resorts are gift shops, bars, arcades, painting opportunities, spas, and fitness centers. Lastly, a monorail crawl or Resort hopping is always an option as mentioned by Disney Dining.

Polynesian Resort

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Disney Springs

Shopping and Dining

Disney Springs is filled with both of these options. While you’ll likely need an umbrella or rain jacket, moving from place to place will be dry otherwise! This could be a great day to get all of your merchandise for your trip and try out new dining spots you’ve been saving for your Disney trips!

AMC Movies and Splitsville Bowling

Disney Springs offers many entertainment options, but these two are sure to keep you dry. There is nothing cozier than a movie on a rainy day. Bowling is a fun option to keep the energy moving while you wait out the rain, and is also great for groups.

Disney springs shopping

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What would you do on a rainy day in Disney World?

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