PHOTO: Yet Another Classic Magic Kingdom Attraction Is Reportedly Growing Mold!

While the Walt Disney Company may be a trendsetter when it comes to everything from entertainment to theme park attractions to waiting queues, there seems to be an uptick in a less pleasant trend over at Walt Disney World Resort.

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Credit: Disney

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Earlier this year, we reported on an alleged mold infestation on the classic Magic Kingdom attraction “it’s a small world,” and before that, we reported on rumors surrounding a possible mold infestation on the fan-favorite Hollywood Studios attraction, Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

Now, we’re here to report a possible mold infestation on another classic Magic Kingdom attraction: Space Mountain.

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Credit: Disney

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One Guest recently visited the Disney Park and spotted something growing on the air conditioning vents on the walls in the waiting queue. Reddit user u/ZeroVector_518 snapped this photo and quickly shared it onto the Walt Disney World subreddit to see what others made of their possible discovery.

Has anyone else ever noticed the amount of mold growing on these AC vents in the Space Mountain queue? from WaltDisneyWorld

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When one Reddit asked whether the substance is mold or dust, the original poster defended their idea, writing:

It’s definitely mold, the amount of condensation on these vents is ridiculous. The room was not designed to have a roof over it and when they added the roof in the 2009 refurb they didn’t bother to update the AC system. Now that the bulk of the queue is in this room, a lot of heat is generated and these AC vents can’t handle it so they run all day and form a lot of condensation and then mold.

Another Reddit user claims the mystery substance is actually rust, writing, “That ain’t mold. It’s patina aka green rust. It contains minuscule bacteria compared to mold and is beneficial in most cases as it stops the base metal from oxidizing further.

One Reddit user joked, “It’s not mold. It’s an alien life form that’s living in the vents. Fits the theme perfectly.”


Credit: Reddit User u/ZeroVector_518

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While it cannot be confirmed without a full inspection or a statement from Walt Disney World, many Disney fans who saw this photo believe mold is growing on this classic attraction.

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