10 Lies You Shouldn’t Believe at Walt Disney World

Has a well-meaning friend ever tried to deter you from vacationing in Walt Disney World?  If so, you’re not alone!  Misunderstandings and assumptions about the most magical place in the world abound, but we’re here to set the record straight.  Here are some of the most common lies told about Walt Disney World – and why they shouldn’t stop you from planning your trip.


1. It’s Too Expensive

People often talk about the exorbitant cost of a Disney World vacation, and it’s definitely true that it’s possible to spend a lot of money at WDW.  But it’s also possible to travel to the parks on a budget, and for considerably less than a comparable family vacation anywhere else.  It all depends on how you vacation, where you eat, where you stay, how you buy your park tickets – and if you’re smart about doing your research and taking advantage of discounts and deals.  It’s all in the planning!

2. You Only Need to Visit Once

I’ve been going to Walt Disney World since I was 14 years old, and I can honestly say that every time I go, there’s something new to see and do.  Disney is constantly making changes to attractions, restaurants, and resorts, and even opening up new lands (Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land and Pandora – The World of Avatar, anyone?).  Even if miraculously there were no changes from one visit to the next, there’s just no way to experience everything WDW has to offer in even ten trips, much less one!

3. You Can See Everything in A Few Days

One of the lies you might have heard about WDW is that you only need three or four days to see it all.  With four theme parks, two water parks and a huge shopping and entertainment area, you could easily spend several weeks on property and still not see and do everything!  If you can, give yourself at least a week so you can see the things that are most important to you, without feeling rushed.  You won’t regret it!

Credit: Disney


4. Last Minute Dining Reservations are Impossible to Get

It’s always a good idea to make dining reservations as far in advance of your Walt Disney World vacation as you can, especially for in-demand restaurants.  But there are numerous table service restaurants scattered across property that somehow manage to stay under the radar, meaning you can often make same day dining reservations for them, or even walk in and get a table! 

5. Staying on Property is a Waste of Money

Sure, there are lots of hotels (or even vacation homes) near Walt Disney World that you could stay at during your WDW vacation.  And depending on the time of year and resort you stay at, they could even be cheaper than staying on property.  But if you do your research, it’s possible to find a great deal at a Disney resort (outside of peak times).  Not to mention the myriad perks of staying on property.  You’ll enjoy legendary Disney service and magic every second of your stay, your room will be close to the parks (perfect for nap time), and you’ll enjoy fun complimentary resort activities, just to mention a few.

6. You Can Stay at Cinderella Castle

You might have heard that there is a suite high up in Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle, and this is completely true (and it’s gorgeous – you can check out images online)!  However, it’s definitely a lie that you can pay to stay here – no matter how much money you have.  The suite is used occasionally for giveaways, or when huge celebrities visit WDW.  So unless you’re Tom Cruise or Katy Perry, your only chance at staying in Cinderella Castle is as a prize winner! 

7. You Should Skip EPCOT (Especially if You Have Kids)

Epcot tends to be the most under-rated theme park at Walt Disney World.  There are a lot of changes coming to Epcot in the coming years, but truthfully, it’s always been one of our favorite parks.  Where else can you explore the world from the comfort of Orlando?  The World Showcase is not to be missed, and if you visit during one of park’s festivals (the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is just one excellent example), there’s even more to enjoy.  Kidcot Fun Stops are especially for little ones, and kids will love the Frozen Ever After attraction.

8. Only True Disney Fans Will Enjoy It

Die-hard Disney fans will be in heaven during a Walt Disney World trip – it’s true.  But that doesn’t mean you have to know anything at all about Disney to enjoy a vacation at the most magical place on earth!  There’s more than Mickey Mouse to discover on property, including fascinating animal encounters, original musicals and pyrotechnic shows, world class culinary experiences and unlimited recreational activities.  Even if you’ve never seen a Disney movie in your life, there’s something for you to enjoy at Walt Disney World.

9. WDW is the Same as Disneyland

The names might be similar, but Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California are NOT the same thing.  For one thing, Disneyland contains two theme parks, and was the first park built by Walt Disney; Walt Disney World boasts four theme parks, and is about 50 times bigger than its older west coast cousin.  While there are several overlapping attractions shared by each site, there’s a whole lot more that is different, making each location unique and worth seeing.

Credit: Disneyland

10. It’s Only for Kids

One of the biggest lies about Walt Disney World is that it’s only for kids.  Not true!  (Although it IS true that no matter your age, you can ACT like a kid at WDW, and no one will bat an eye.)  Disney Springs is chock full of adult fun, with plenty of clubs, bars and restaurants with late-night entertainment.  You can relax the day away at a luxurious spa, or try your hand at archery, horseback riding, golf or boating.  Plus, it’s easy to find a sophisticated resort with not a Mickey Mouse or primary color to be found anywhere!

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