Cast Members Get Tired of Guests Turning Hall of Presidents into Political Attraction (Video)

When you visit Walt Disney World, many Guests will automatically think about all the thrill rides and different shows and attractions that you can see and do. When at Magic Kingdom, one of the shows that sometimes gets overlooked is Hall of Presidents.

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The show is not supposed to be “political” but instead a historical show going through every president that has been throughout the years in the United States of America. Even though he did not oversee this project, it came from a vision that Walt Disney’s had.

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If you enjoy history or even just want air conditioning for 25 minutes this is a show that goes back to the beginning and our very first president George Washington.


Every president is there in “attendance” and even nods their head when the spotlight is on them, and their name is announced.

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Even though this was never meant to be a political show, some Guests like to make it political. No matter your political opinions, some Guests will get Rowdy when recent President Donald Trump or current President Joe Biden is announced.


A video on TikTok showed the crowd yelling and cheering after the host said Donald Trump’s name.


Cast Members ask Guests to remain quiet during the show, and you can hear over the loudspeaker a Cast Member reminding Guests not to interrupt the show a couple of times in a row.

When Trump’s animatronic was added, many Guests said that this animatronic strangely looked like Hillary Clinton and theorized that Disney had expected her to win the 2016 election.

hall of presidents

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When you are at Walt Disney World, remember to be respectful to the rules and be kind to all Cast Members around you. They work hard to make your day magical. 

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