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If you love behind the scenes details at Walt Disney World, you should follow Imagineer Zach Riddley’s Instagram pageHere are some details that you can find in Morocco.

Credit: Zach Riddley

Wishing everyone a happy holidays. As we head into the new year I’ve got one more post to share on the fantastic and rich Morocco pavilion at EPCOT.

Morocco has held the longest formal relationship with the United States – owing to the fact that Morocco was one of the very first states to seek formal relations with the United States after independence.

Heading into Restaurant Marrakesh, in this beautiful space anchoring the back of the pavilion, you can also find copies of the letter sent from George Washington to His Majesty Mohammed III of Morocco. Dated December 1st, 1789, our first President wrote this letter from the first US capital in New York to express the thanks and appreciation of our young nation for the support provided by the Kingdom of Morocco during and after the American Revolution.

Here is a brief quote from our first President himself:

“It gives me Pleasure to have this Opportunity of assuring your Majesty that, while I remain at the Head of this Nation, I shall not cease to promote every Measure that may conduce to the Friendship and Harmony, which so happily subsist between your Empire and them, and shall esteem myself happy in every Occasion of convincing your Majesty of the high Sense (which in common with the whole Nation) I entertain of the Magnanimity, Wisdom, and Benevolence of your Majesty.”

Credit: Zach Riddley

And President Washington had quite the penmanship!

It is these connections that EPCOT is built to inspire – between nations, people, history and the future. Our world is built on relationships, on connections through time.

We’ll continue to share more stories like this and our ongoing projects in 2022. On behalf of all our Imagineers working on EPCOT we’d like to thank you to everyone for following us here this past year at @waltdisneyimagineering

We have an exciting year ahead and we can’t wait to share those details with you as they happen.

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