Disney Chairman Carefully Dodges Annual Pass Questions In Recent Interview

Every Disney fan dreams of becoming an Annual Passholder and visiting the Parks virtually whenever they want! But for many, this luxury feels unattainable. Unfortunately, the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products had very little to say about annual passes and Walt Disney World in a recent interview with Theme Park Insider.

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For frequent Guests of Walt Disney World, obtaining an Annual Pass is more elusive than you’d think. Over in Disneyland, Magic Key Passes (the Disneyland version of an Annual Pass) have gone on sale multiple times in the past six months. However, Walt Disney World has paused the sale of Annual Passes since the fall of 2021, and they have not resumed since.


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As Guests of Walt Disney World watch while Disneyland Magic Keys go on sale again and again now that we’re out of the woods (referring, of course, to the recent pandemic), they can’t help but wonder, “When will it be our turn to purchase an Annual Pass?” Unfortunately, Josh D’Amaro did not give any answers that would clarify.

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Recently, the Disney Chairman was interviewed by Robert Niles, the editor of Theme Park Insider. Although they openly discussed many topics, such as the Park Reservations system and Disney Genie, when Niles brought up questions regarding Annual Passes, Josh D’Amaro carefully danced around the topic.

From Theme Park Insider’s transcription:

Robert: You look at California and I think the population is more than four times what it is in Central Florida. I’m assuming – I cannot get this information out of you but I will keep trying – that the number of annual pass holders in California is at least that much more than it is in Central Florida.

Josh: Well, I won’t answer that question specifically, Robert, but what I will tell you is your premise is right. The businesses are so different – both the experiences that we’re offering, the footprint of those experiences, [and] how guests visit, and so for each of them, we’re looking specifically at how do we make sure that experience is as good as possible? So we’ll manage things a little bit differently. We’re going to try and make sure it’s as simple as possible. We’ll continue to evolve these experiences so that we can integrate things so it’s very simple. You’re just in the park, enjoying the things that are around you, and not worrying about things, etc. But yeah, they’re very different. So we’ll address the input a little bit differently as we move forward.

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Do you think Annual Passes for Walt Disney World Resort will resume sales anytime soon? What do you think D’Amaro meant by this?

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