PHOTOS: Disney Cruise Veteran Shares the Cons of Disney Cruising

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a Disney Cruise but haven’t had the chance yet, you’re not alone. Many fans think of a Disney Cruise as an incredibly luxurious experience considering the extravagant prices. However, one Guest recently shared what she’s learned from Disney Cruising with Insider, and it’s not as glamorous as you might think.

jill robbins

Credit: Jill Robbins, Insider

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Jill Robbins describes herself as an “avid cruiser,” and she discloses that she’s been on the Disney Magic, the Disney Wonder, and even the Disney Dream. Robbins writes, “I’ve never had a bad time on a Disney Cruise, but I might’ve experienced some letdowns” in the Insider report. Here’s what you need to know if you want to avoid those same letdowns.

disney cruise pool

Credit: Jill Robbins, Insider

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When you see commercials and advertisements for a Disney Cruise vacation, you may see a crystal clear pool with enough room for everyone. However, Robbins explains that most of the time, she and her family often skip the pool entirely due to how crowded it can become.

In order to snag a lounge chair or a spot in the pool, Robbins advises Guests either arrive early or stay late. She also reveals that the hot tubs are bound to be full of children when not in an adults-only area.

disney cruise deck party

Credit: Jill Robbins, Insider

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Jill Robbins also describes the deck parties and shares photos. If you’ve visited a Disney Park, then the sight of so many people watching a show will be incredibly familiar. “To secure a prime viewing spot,” Robbins writes, “I typically have to get to the deck at least 30 minutes before showtime.

disney cruise deck party

Credit: Jill Robbins, Insider

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In short, much like a Disney Park, a Disney Cruise ship is bound to be full of long lines and a lot of waiting. If you’re thinking of booking tickets for this experience, be prepared to be patient!

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