Disney Fans Will Go Crazy Over These Handmade Disney Tables

Mickey Mouse at Riviera Resort
Credit: Disney

Bring your favorite Disney characters into your home with these ultimate Disney tables! Yup, you heard that right- tables. Everything from coffee tables, dining tables, bar tops, cutting boards, and even serving trays.

What, where, and how can I get one?

As a Disney fan, having Disney decorations around your home is not out of the norm. Maybe it’s a Mickey-shaped cutting board, a soap dispenser, or a throw blanket. Small nodes of Disney flow through your home because Disney World is your second home, so why not join them together? On shopDisney, fans can have a frenzy purchasing all types of home accessories to decorate with.

Mickey Mouse cutting board

Credit: shopDisney

As the holidays approach, Disney releases home decor themed for the holiday, making Disney home accessories a year-round sport. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Mickey-shaped pumpkin for the fall? And Mickey Mouse dressed up in Santa gear during the Christmas season. While the holidays bring forward Disney characters themed as so, this unique purchase brings characters to life in a whole new way.

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It’s not out of the ordinary to find a serving tray or even a cutting board that is Disney-themed. shopDisney offers a bunch of options, from Pixar-related films to Disney classics. Nothing says house party like a charcuterie board laid over your favorite Disney character. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, with serving utensils, cups, mugs, wine glasses, and more. Disney has nearly every accessory covered to Disney-fy your home.

The unique experience we speak of is something Disney does not offer on shopDisney. Rather, it would be a large and unique experience for each customer interested in owning their own. A company called Backyard Resin has partnered with Disney to create some of the most insane, handmade tables to truly bring Disney to life in your home.

Backyard Resin Tables

Backyard Resin is a company doing amazing things with woodworking, epoxy, and airbrush. “We create functional works of art that will enhance your space but also reflect your unique style. Trust us to transform your vision into a stunning reality,” Backyard Resin writes. They aren’t wrong with the “stunning reality” as we explored their page for Disney-related items.

Star Wars table

Credit: Backyard Resin

As shown on the TikTok below, the tables are all handmade. Customers can get a quote on their website, and the hard work begins. As a customer, they can select the size, color, wood, and so on to make the table of their dreams. It seems this customer wanted nothing more than all of their favorite Disney characters in one place, specifically in their dining space.


The Ultimate Disney Bartop 🏰 #disney #aladin #beautyandthebeast #cinderella #fyp Link In Bio For A Table Quote 👆

♬ Let’s Go To Disney – Fairview

This Disney Bartop uses woodworking skills along with epoxy and airbrushing to complete the magical item. Of course, sped up for video purposes, the entire table must have taken hours to complete and perfect. Disney characters like Woody, Ariel, Anna, Mickey Mouse, and Bruno appeared on the table. Yes, even some non-Disney characters made it to the table, as they also partner with Universal, as many fans noted in the comment section. Regardless, this was the making of a video for a customer who may have requested both!

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What’s more, if Disney cartoon characters aren’t your jive, they have a bunch of other options for Star Wars (1999) and Marvel lovers. The most unique part is the fact that customers can choose what they want, so it can truly be unique to your desires. They’ve also posted their work on a coffee table featuring Spiderman (2002) and a coffee table for all Marvel characters.


Spider-Man Table Coming Up 🕷️ #marvel #spiderman #nowayhome #fyp Link In Bio For A Table Quote 👆

♬ Spider-Man: No Way Home – Trailer Music – L’Orchestra Cinematique

The shop portion on Backyard Resin’s website shows a section just for Star Wars, with tables starting at $431 and increasing to $1965. Of course, these are handmade, one-of-a-kind tables, which you’d expect to pay for that kind of workmanship.

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Would you purchase a handmade Disney table to go in your home?

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