Disney World’s Ugliest Popcorn Bucket…

Woody scared in Toy Story
Credit: Disney

As any hardcore Walt Disney World Resort fan knows, the theme parks release a new refillable popcorn bucket every few weeks (or months).

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Sometimes they are works of art like the Cinderella Coach Premium Popcorn Bucket or capture classic Walt Disney World magic as with the Figment Popcorn Bucket.

Cinderella Popcorn Bucket

Credit: Disney

Others, however…are just odd…

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And the Beast

Introducing the newest creation from Hollywood Studios – the Droid Parts Popcorn Bucket.


Galaxy’s Esge – Disneyland with the new Droid parts popcorn bucket #disney #disneytiktok #disneyland #starwars

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Available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this unique container has previously been spotted at Disneyland Resort earlier this summer (where the above video was taken). The droid-themed popcorn bucket is a Frankenstein-monster sort of creation. It’s as if an astromech droid from Star Wars had been scrapped together with bits and pieces of random parts. And just for good measure, some of his parts are made to look dirty, scratched, rusty, and covered in mud – so if you drop him in a puddle or the bathroom – no one will notice.

Girl holding box of popcorn

Credit: Disney

Similar to popcorn buckets of the past, he can be filled and refilled with the popcorn of your choice and comes with a carrying strap so you can tote him along your Hollywood Studios adventures. Despite his odd appearance, the refillable popcorn bucket droid has a built-in orange light at its front and a wheel at its bottom so he can roll around. The inside of the bucket features faux cables and an on/off light switch.

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Tale as Old as Time


Galaxy’s Edge (Credit: Disney)

The Droid Parts Popcorn Bucket is currently selling for $24.99 at Kat Saka’s Kettle at the Hollywood Studios theme Park and is limited to two popcorn buckets per person per order. As with many Disney popcorn buckets, it is expected to be in high demand (and probably resold online for $$$).

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