The Best Disney Burns

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Some of the best burns, insults, and comebacks can be found in classic Disney movies. Although the casual viewer usually overlooks them as they focus more on the love story, hero’s journey, or catchy songs, the films are classic sources of terrific quotes. For this list of the top 10 Disney quotes that are burns, we are looking exclusively at animated films from the Disney Vault. Although we are sure to hear some fantastic zingers in upcoming movies, for now, these remain some of the classic comebacks that any hardcore Disney fan will appreciate.

10. “You Are a Sad, Strange Little Man…” from Toy Story (1995)

This simple line delivered by Buzz Lightyear to Woody is a minor comment spoken just before Buzz walks away. What makes this insult so good? Because telling someone you pity them and walking away like you don’t care is colder than outer space.

Toy Story Buzz and Woody

Credit: Disney

9. “It’s Not Every Day That You See a Horse with Two Rear-Ends” from Aladdin (1992)

Spoken by Aladdin after one of Princess Jasmine’s suitors knocks him to the ground is an excellent Disney-like way of telling someone to buzz off.

Aladdin Prince

Credit: Disney

8. “If You Don’t Think, You Shouldn’t Talk” from Alice in Wonderland (1951)

This line is particularly interesting since the March Hare speaks it during the mad tea party. Although a classic–all be it rude–line, perhaps it’s better suited to be used today more than it was 70 years ago.

March Hare and Alice

Credit: Disney

7. “Oh, Scar, it’s Just You. We Were Afraid it Was Somebody Important” from The Lion King (1994)

Spoken by the hyenas after Scar surprises them, it is a subtle insult that digs right into Scar’s biggest insecurity. And what makes the line incredibly hilarious is that it doesn’t seem like the hyenas even understand how mean it was.


Credit: Disney

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6. “Rapunzel, Look in That Mirror. You Know What I See? I See a Strong, Confident, Beautiful Young Lady … Oh Look, You’re Here Too!” from Tangled (2010)

This line delivered by Mother Gothel is just one of the many digs she takes at Rapunzel throughout the film. It’s almost as cold and cruel and the character is herself. It would be more entertaining to listen to if not for the emotional abuse and manipulation she dishes out nonstop.

Mother Gothel and Rapunzel

Credit: Disney

5. “Actually She’s Just Ugly” from Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Spoken by Jumba Jookiba about Pleakley’s appearance when in disguise is a simple, stinging insult. Not entirely creative, but an interesting line to hear in a Disney film, nonetheless.

Pleakley Lilo and Stitch

Credit: Disney

4. “If Only There Were Someone Out There Who Loved You” Frozen (2013)

Spoken by Hans just before he leaves Anna to freeze. Cruel.

Hans and Anna

Credit: Disney

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3. “You Are Positively Primeval” from Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Similar to others on the list, what makes this burn so good is that the person being insulted isn’t “in on it.” The fact that Gaston actually interprets the insult as a compliment makes it that much more entertaining to watch.

Belle and Gaston

Credit: Disney

2. “The Word I’m Searching for, I Can’t Say, Because There’s Preschool Toys Present” from Toy Story (1995)

This second Toy Story entry in the list is debatably better than the first. It’s a classic insult that leaves it up to the viewer’s imagination. MANY words are inappropriate for a preschooler (or their toys to hear). So which one is it?

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Buzz and Woody

Credit: Disney

1. “It Looks Awful…”

“That’s Because It’s on You, Dear” from Sleeping Beauty (1959)

When Flora and Merryweather butt heads over a dress they’re making for Aurora, their frustrations get the better of them. Part of what makes this burn so unique is that it’s spoken between friends in a film made in the 1950s. You know the ’50s? The supposed “good ‘ol days,” when life was simple, people dressed up to go on airplanes, and everyone treated their elders with respect.

Sleeping Beauty Dress

Credit: Disney

Final Thought

Disney films are filled with several other burns, insults, and comebacks. So next time you need to tell off an ex, snap back at a frenemy, or get the last word in with a pesky co-worker or in-law, you needn’t look further than your current Disney collection.

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