Disney100 Drops 80’s Collection and Fans Are Disappointed

Oliver & Company
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The Disney100 celebration continues! As Disney celebrates 100 years of animation, The Walt Disney Company has commemorated the history of storytelling in new, exciting ways. Disney100 has brought entertainment, Park decorations, limited-time treats, and merchandise for the celebration.

As a part of Disney100, shopDisney continues to release a collection to pay homage to all the classic Disney animated films. Disney100 Decades began in 1920 and goes all the way through to 2010. From the beginning of The Walt Disney Company to nearly the present day, our beloved characters come from many of these iconic films. The newest release in the decade’s collection is the 1980’s. Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (1989), Oliver & Company (1988), and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) are some of the many films released during the 80s.

Chip n Dale rescue rangers

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1980s Decades Collection

To celebrate the films that became household favorites, Disney100 is releasing each decade separately to revel in the joy of the characters. Some of the new merchandise includes ears, plush dolls, Loungefly backpacks, and pins. Featuring Chip, Dale, Oliver, Dodger, Roger Rabbit, The, and Black Cauldron, this collection is unique in its own way.

Loungefly backpack

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Each decade is special in that characters were born and introduced to the Disney family during this time. Chip and Dale have since become two staples not only in Disney animation but also as meet and greets in Disney Parks. shopDisney shared the release on its Instagram page and some fans were not thrilled with the new merch.

One Disney fan commented, “Wait…not one Ariel merch…biggest Disney movie of the 80s and nothing…HUGE MISS.” Another fan wrote, “Missed opportunity for a Roger rabbit plus/bag/or ears!!! Roger Rabbit is so underrated, please do more for him!!!” A final comment read, “Where is Fox and the Hound?! My daughter has been waiting for the 80’s release and she is so disappointed ☹️”

1980s collection

Credit: shopDisney

Disney fans and Guests alike are not afraid to share their thoughts with the company. As the company continues to grow and prosper, fan opinions are a valued part of improving Guest experiences.

What are your thoughts on the 1980s collection?

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