Guests’ Experiences Suggest Behavior Is Out of Control At Walt Disney World

It’s plain to see that many Guests visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort are no longer as courteous or considerate as they used to be. Guest behavior in Disney Parks is so appalling that Walt Disney World Resort’s official website was recently updated to address the issue.

Disneyland Resort’s official website soon followed with a similar update, basically reminding Guests to behave themselves.

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These updates to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort’s official rules come during a particularly turbulent time for Disney Parks. Many fights have been caught on camera this year, and there seems to be a rise in personal belongings and strollers being stolen while visiting.

Most recently, one Guest pointed out that a string of line-cutting Guests dulled their latest visit.

Everybody has experienced a line-cutting Guest while visiting Walt Disney World, but this Reddit user’s recollections claim an excessive uptick in the inconsiderate behavior. In the Walt Disney World subreddit, they write,

The amount of line cutting that happened at today at Hollywood Studios is insane:

I’ve gone to Disney World a few times but it has never been this bad. Like at least 50 people cut in front of me this trip. Got to the point where I had to strong arm someone and said “tell them to come back to you” and she shoved past me.

Is this a new thing? Or is it because of the holiday? I felt like I was going crazy just giving into these [Guests].

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Immediately, the comments blew up, with Disney fans recounting their own experiences. Another Reddit user tells of Guests pretending to be a part of her party, which was using a DAS (Disability Access Service) pass in order to skip lines:

My family was there today. We have DAS because my sibling is disabled. We were using the wheelchair line to go to the last showing of beauty and the beast. A woman along with like three other people followed my mom in, when asked by the cast member if she was with our party, she said “yes” while nodding her head. Spoiler – we didn’t know them. My mom overheard and told the cast member.


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A different Reddit user shares their thoughts on why line-cutting is so rampant now than it was before:

Disney used to have more cast members working the lines. Less employees equals higher revenue.

The total cost to go to Disney has gone up exponentially. People almost feel entitled to cut the line. It’s not the most happiest place, it’s the angriest.

Make no mistake though, people didn’t cut the line as much before because security was much tighter. Cast members were present throughout the lines.

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Whatever the reason, it can’t be denied that the most magical place on Earth is becoming harder and harder to enjoy due to Guest’s entitled behavior fully. Now that the uprise in rude behavior has started, what will it take to end it? Unfortunately, only Disney knows the answer.

While visiting a Disney Park, being respectful towards other Guests, Cast Members, face characters, and everyone you come across is essential.

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