Is Guest Behavior Beginning to Get Out of Control In Disney Parks?

Amidst the constant price hikes attached to Disney, on everything from food to merchandise to Park tickets to Disney+ to Genie+, some long-time Guests are starting to feel alienated. But there’s another force that’s driving loyal Guests away from Disney Parks: other Guests.

For a long time, visits to Walt Disney World and Disneyland were remembered fondly. Everyone was friendly and courteous toward each other. After all, who could be nasty at a Disney Park? However, in recent years, Guests have begun dividing themselves due to less-than-appropriate behavior.

There’s no doubt that Guests’ behavior towards Cast Members, other Guests, and even their own children have turned Disney Parks into an uncomfortable place to visit.


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At a Disney Park such as EPCOT, it’s no surprise that Guests can have too much to drink and become unruly and downright aggressive. At least twice in the past few months, two different Guests have had to leave the Disney Park due to their belligerent behavior.

In other Disney Parks, Guests have begun playing pranks on Cast Members and others visiting. These pranks have been uncomfortable, inconsiderate, and in one case, super creepy.

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Time and time again, you hear stories of Guests exiting ride vehicles despite the consequences, and in one case, a Guest attempts to steal.

Worst of all, some parents have begun acting negligent while visiting Disney Parks, leaving their children alone and surrounded by strangers.

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The culmination of these stories brings us to an uncomfortable but necessary question: is Guest behavior beginning to get out of hand at Walt Disney World? Has Guest behavior already gone too far? There’s no official way to gauge an answer without hearing from Cast Members and Guests themselves. Visitors have already begun wondering if Disney will begin to do anything about unruly Guests, and for good reason.

Guests exhibiting the kind of behavior discussed in this article make visiting a Disney Park less enjoyable and, in some cases, dangerous. As disorderly conduct in the Parks continues to grow, we hope that Disney can do something to make visiting as wholesome as it used to be.

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