Will Walt Disney World Guests’ Behavior Improve If This Chaperone Policy Is Implemented?

Knott’s Berry Farm, which has been coined “California’s Original Theme Park,” opened in 1920 as a roadside berry stand run by a man named Walter Knott. Over one hundred years later, Knott’s Berry Farm has become one of America’s most beloved theme parks. With nearly 50 attractions and millions of Guests every year, it can’t be denied that Knott’s Berry Farm is successful, popular, and adored by millions.

Recently, the official Knott’s Berry Farm Twitter account shared an announcement: the chaperone policy would be changing.

Cinderella Castle

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In July of this year, the theme park implemented a chaperone policy in which Guests aged 21 and older must be accompanying Guests 17 years old and younger on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This policy has proved so successful that after months of its implementation, Knott’s Berry Farm is reducing the number of days from three to one.

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As we can see in this official Tweet, Knott’s Berry Farm now requires Guests younger than 18 to be accompanied by a chaperone only on Saturdays due to the “positive trends results” from the policy. This has led some Disney fans to ask, should a similar approach be enacted in Disney Parks?

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From Walt Disney World Resort to Disneyland Resort, Guests can act unruly. Sometimes, Guests start fights and break security protocols, but most recently, Guests have been exiting ride vehicles, despite the safety hazards of doing so!

Reports and videos of Guests exiting ride vehicles keep showing up on social media for little reason other than for the challenge of it. This is obviously a dangerous move, and it can even result in being banned from the Disney Park.

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If Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort implemented a chaperone policy similar to that of Knott’s Berry Farm, would the behavior of Guests improve? What do you think?

Although we can’t say for sure, we can continue to speculate!

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