Disney Fans Joke About Walt’s ‘Toilet’ Pose After New Statue Reveal

EPCOT is currently in the midst of its greatest reimagining since it opened at the Walt Disney World Resort in 1982. Along with new attractions, shops, and restaurants, this Disney Park is undergoing a massive redesign of several Park areas, including the future Dreamers Point which will soon open with a new statue of Walt Disney.

Fans got a first look at the new Walt Disney statue coming to EPCOT ahead of this year’s D23 Expo, when the company showcased the actual statue that Guests will soon see while visiting the Disney Park.

We covered a closer look at the statue and what we know so far about its arrival in EPCOT in this post, but now that fans have had some time to settle in with the design, they have some thoughts…

The statue has been one of the most highly anticipated parts of EPCOT’s reimagining, and it was certainly exciting to finally get a first look at the new bronze after years of only seeing early concept art. Fans on social media, however, were quick to poke fun at the statue’s pose implying that Walt appears to be sitting on something else rather than on a stoop in a Disney Park.

Fans on Twitter have been sharing memes and GIFs joking about what it actually looks like Walt is doing with his pose on the statue, with @MagicalMikuri tweeting:

Others have commented on how the statue will likely become the victim of unruly Guests climbing on it, a trend we continue to see from Guests at Disney Parks around the world. And of course, fans like @GoAwayGreen have been quick to point out the endless editing opportunities for fans who are Photoshop-savvy:

@VincentWeirHere rounds out the conversation surrounding the new statue by noting that perhaps the stand shown in D23’s first look is not the finished product:

The view of the new statue in its original concept art does show a different base, so Walt’s pose may look more appropriate when we see the final product in EPCOT. When Disney first announced the statue, the company described Walt’s look as “contemplative,” which though visually stunning now that we have seen the statue itself might not help some of the jokes going around social media.


Artist Rending as shared by Zach Riddley

The statue will be called “Walt the Dreamer,” and it does not have an opening date yet. The new piece of art will join other elements of EPCOT’s reimagining, including the Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, and more when it opens later on in the renovation process.

We will continue to keep you updated on all things EPCOT, and news out of D23 as we learn more here on DisneyTips.

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