Do You Go to EPCOT’s Mexico or Canada First? Here’s Our Pick

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With EPCOT’s transformation into its four neighborhoods, the Disney Park is a must-do as new attractions and experiences welcome Disney visitors from across the globe. Setting aside the excitement of the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in World Discovery, let’s talk about a question Disney Guests often face… do you first go left (Mexico) or right (Canada) first in EPCOT’s World Showcase?

EPCOT Spaceship Earth
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Inside the World Showcase

EPCOT was previously known as having two lands including Future World and the World Showcase. Now, Future World has been divided into three neighborhoods including World Celebration, World Discovery, and World Nature. These neighborhoods hold many of the Disney Park’s attractions.

EPCOT World Showcase has kept its name as the fourth neighborhood. The neighborhood consists of 11 Pavilions (AKA Countries) that surround the World Showcase Lagoon and include Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Dining, shopping, must-see architecture, and attractions are spread throughout these stunning Pavilions for a memorable 1.2-mile experience around the World Showcase Lagoon.

world showcase lagoon
World Showcase Lagoon (Credit: V Mills)

Are you “Drinking Around the World”?

Many Walt Disney World Resort fans visiting EPCOT are familiar with the tradition of “drinking around the world” at EPCOT. This can also be done with “snacking around the world”. This is where Guests plan to stop at each of the 11 Pavilions to try a beverage and/or bite to enjoy from each country. Deciding to go to Mexico or Canada first is important!

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MEXICO is our Pick!

You’ve arrived at the main entrance of the World Showcase, time to head left to Mexico! Why Mexico? First, if you’re planning on drinking around the world, we highly suggest Guests know the phrase “liquor before beer – you’re in the clear. Beer before liquor – you’ll only get sicker.”

Mexico has some of the best of the best tequila and beverage options – but these drinks should not be an afterthought. Rather, start your drinking around the world in Mexico so you don’t have to end with a hard-hitting beverage after several beer options spread throughout the Pavilions.

Mexico Pavilion (Credit: Disney Photo Snapper)

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Understand Your Limits

Regardless of if you tackle Mexico or Canada first, drinking around the world should not be done without a good game plan and friends or family to help with the process! Sip slow, take your time in the shops, stop for the street entertainment and attractions, and plan to split or share your alcoholic beverages.

Is Your Priority Attractions?

If top World Showcase attractions such as Frozen Ever After in Norway or Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in France are on the top of your must-do list – we have some pointers.

First, while we don’t always recommend it, getting Disney Genie+ for $15 per person for the day at EPCOT isn’t a bad idea. With top World Showcase attractions including Remy’s and Frozen Ever After being Genie+ selections, this will allow you to skip the standby line and go right for the Lightning Lane entrance.

Credit: Disney

MEXICO is Still our Pick!

Even if EPCOT rides are your priority around the World Showcase, we still recommend starting your World Showcase journey in Mexico.

We’d recommend heading left at the World Showcase entrance. Skip Mexico and headed directly to Norway to get in line for Frozen Ever After attraction. Once you’re done with Frozen Ever After, you can double back to the Mexico Pavilion to ride the quiet boat ride to see Donald Duck and friends on Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros (Credit: Disney)

After Mexico and Norway are finished, plan to travel around the World Showcases catch shows including the China Pavilion’s Reflections of China. What does this mean for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure? Purchase Disney Genie+ and try to snag a Genie+ pass for a mid-afternoon time so you can complete half of the World Showcase before reaching the France Pavilion to ride along with Remy.

While in France, check out the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along as well at Impressions de France. Don’t forget to check out Canada Far and Wide in the Canada Pavilion to top off your EPCOT attractions list in the World Showcase.

Canada Pavilion (Credit: Disney Photo Snapper)

Regardless of if you decide to go left to Mexico or right to Canada, be sure to enjoy the scenery and be prepared to adjust your plans as needed.

The earlier you can begin enjoying the World Showcase portion of EPCOT the better chances you have of avoiding crowds and long waits – especially during events such as the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival and the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. Happy planning, Disney fans!

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