Florida Residents Now Have a New Way to Travel to Disney World

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It sure is sweet to be a Florida resident! Walt Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida, in a central location for Floridians to travel to. As a Disney fan, Florida residents get quite a few perks just for living there. The state of Florida is free of state tax, mostly due to tourism.

Florida offers many cities to visit, like Miami and Tampa, and other vacation destinations like Key West, Naples, and Fort Myers. A large pull for tourists in the state is also due to theme Parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. According to Destinations Florida, “Not only does tourism build and support Florida’s local communities, it offers huge benefits to the state. One of the biggest of which is it puts 1.4 million of our fellow Floridians to work.”

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One big perk as a Florida resident is the various options to get to Disney World. Depending on where you are coming from, driving can often be the easiest route, which means big savings on flights that out-of-state or International visitors incur. For residents living in South Florida who would rather not fly or drive, a brand new option has just opened.

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The high-speed rail has just opened its newest location, with trains running from South Florida to Orlando. “For the first time ever, you can choose comfortable, eco-friendly rail service between Orlando and Miami, with stops in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Aventura,” Brightline writes. The Brightline Orlando Station is in partnership with Orlando Health, bringing locals to the theme Park area.


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The first running trains opened up on Friday, September 22, 2023, giving residents the option to ride instead of drive or fly. This new option comes with many fun experiences while aboard; it will feel like your trip to Disney World has already begun. Pricing in tickets varies, depending on what pass you choose to purchase, along with your group size.

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A one-way premium ticket begins at $149, which includes free wifi, exclusive access to the Premium Lounge, which includes snacks and sips, and a complimentary first checked bag. Additionally, parking is available at stations if you’d like to leave your car while you board your trip. Otherwise, transportation to and from the train will become another perk offered soon. Other options available include Uber, Shared Connect Shuttles, and Luxury Private Rides powered by Mears.

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Although the drive time may be similar to the train ride, relaxing on board with these perks makes the start of your trip to Disney World even more magical. “The ride between Orlando and West Palm Beach is approximately two hours, and three hours thirty minutes between Orlando and Miami,” Brightline details.

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Since Disney World already offers so many amazing perks to Florida residents, like discounts on tickets and Resorts, this may just be the cherry on top! Adding in the free transportation once you stay at the Resorts, you won’t miss having your car parked in the parking lot during your stay.

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