Guest Threatens to Never Visit Disney Again After Park Issue

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Have you ever experienced an issue while visiting a Disney Park?

While visiting any Disney Park, a lot goes into the planning process. Unless you are a Florida local with an Annual Pass, you’ve likely had to put in some planning prior to going to the Parks. Planning can include your Park reservation, Resort stay, dining reservations, Park outfit, and transportation. Although that already sounds like enough of a list, there can be even more to complete prior to stepping foot on the property.

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With so much to plan, it can become a big process to visit Disney World. What’s more, the price of planning a Disney trip can be a big undertaking. Even if you are only paying for yourself, a few days at the Park can cost a few hundred dollars just for Park tickets alone. For those planning a trip for their entire family, it can become very costly very quickly.

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Knowing all of that, Disney fans still love to plan and visit “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” because truly, who wouldn’t? Disney World offers one-of-a-kind attractions like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, and Avatar Flight of Passage. All four Parks, along with Disney Springs, offer some of the most delicious and exclusive snacks only found at Walt Disney World. With so much exclusivity, it’s no wonder so many Guests keep going back for more.

Disney World has so much to offer, yet it is always transforming and changing. Thankfully, the classics like Haunted Mansion will always stand as is, but the Parks are constantly evolving with new technology and experiences. Of course, new does not always mean better, which can also mean trial and error before perfecting the new experience. Disney tries to bring exciting opportunities to Guests that are user-friendly, evolutionary, and give the feeling of awe.


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One change that has come to Disney World has been the Genie+ and Lightning Lane options. Guests can purchase these ticket add-ons to book time slots to ride various attractions throughout the day. Since the change from FastPass to Genie+ and Lightning Lane, Guests have not been thrilled with the outcomes. We’ve seen app issues, like the breakdown of the app during a holiday weekend. As Scott Gustin posted, Columbus Day Weekend saw a Genie+ outage, “having major issues” in the morning of October 8.

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Additionally, the add-on adds more spending to an already expensive day at the Parks. But without the add-on, Guests may be looking at long lines and fewer rides, depending on the time of year they visit. One Guest feels strongly about these new options, declaring they may just never visit the Park again.

Genie+ Issue

One Guest took to the internet to share their experience during a recent trip to Disney World. The title read, “Just left WDW, and I ain’t comin’ back until they change the nightmare that is Genie+.” Additionally, the Guest added, “Waking up at 7 a.m. just to attempt to get in line for a ride, having the app just break down randomly when you need it the most, and the insane cost, all are just too much for me.”


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Many Guests took to the comment section in agreeance that they, too, miss the old FastPass option. One fan commented, “The trip I just finished, the app was broken at 7 a.m. for 3 of the four days. One day, it was down for 3 hours. Was so frustrating.” Though over 400 comments were added to the post, with many Guests having similar experiences, it seems Disney still has no plan to make any changes to the app options.

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It can be frustrating after spending time and money to plan a trip to a Disney Park, only for the app to crash. Furthermore, it can put a real damper on a day at the Park if you’re not able to book some attractions and skip some lines to ensure you get on numerous rides.

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