Most Romantic Spots in Walt Disney World’s Parks

Cinderella Wishing Well
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Maybe you’re taking a vacation to the most magical place on Earth for the first time with your significant other. Perhaps you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style this year at Walt Disney World.  Or it could be that you’re simply a romantic at heart and love seeking out beautiful nooks for the perfect photo opp.

There are so many romantic spots scattered through Walt Disney World Theme Parks.  Our favorites are tucked away into secluded areas of the Parks that most Guests just walk right by, where you can escape the chaos of the day.  If you’re looking to discover the most romantic spots in WDW for your next vacation, read on!

Cinderella Wishing Well

We’ll start with one of the most famous romantic spots in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park: Cinderella Wishing Well. It’s off the path that leads from Cinderella Castle to Tomorrowland, in a little alcove that provides Guests with a blissful escape from the crowds.

Cinderella Castle Wishing Well
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Check out the beautiful details on the well, from the whimsical mice and birds rendered in stone to the plaque that tells Guests that coins tossed in the well are donated to children’s charities. Wrought iron benches beckon you to sit for a spell and enjoy the peaceful ambiance. While this spot is famous for wedding proposals, we think it’s perfect for anyone seeking a charming fairy tale nook!

Discovery Island Trails

I was a Walt Disney World Guest for an embarrassing number of years before I heard of the existence of the Discovery Island Trails at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, now one of my favorite locations on WDW property.  

Discovery Island Trails
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Discovery Island Trails are a series of picturesque pathways that wind around the Tree of Life, allowing Guests to come face-to-face with its hundreds of meticulous carvings in a glorious setting of waterfalls and lush foliage.  Many Guests remain unaware of these trails, so you won’t have to battle crowds – in fact, you’ll soon forget all about them as you lose yourself in the tranquility of this romantic spot.

Japan’s Garden

Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Theme Park boasts a number of romantic nooks, and Guests who don’t take the path less traveled might never discover them.  The gardens of the Japan Pavilion are one such spot.

Japan Pavilion
EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion (Credit: Disney Photo Snapper)

Head beyond the pagoda, and you’ll encounter a variety of rambling garden paths that will take you on a gentle journey through koi ponds, tumbling rocks, impeccably coiffed foliage, mini-waterfalls, bamboo bridges, and hanging lanterns.  It’s all impossibly beautiful, peaceful, and romantic (and might just give you some ideas for your own garden).

Main Street, U.S.A.’s Hidden Alcove

You probably can’t remember the early 1900s, but walking down Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, U.S.A. will nonetheless give you an unmistakable feeling of nostalgia. It can be hard to really relax here though since it’s the main thoroughfare in the Park, and therefore one of the busiest places in Walt Disney World.

Main Street U.S.A.
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To discover one of the best romantic nooks on the property, as you’re walking down Main Street, U.S.A., look for an alley on your right, just after Uptown Jewelers. Head down it, and chaos of the Park will immediately recede, leaving you to enjoy the gorgeous turn-of-the-century theming plus a surprise or two (here’s a hint: stand under the windows the advertise music and dance lessons, and listen) in peace.

Morocco’s Courtyards

The Morocco Pavilion at Disney’s EPCOT is currently a work in progress. It’s now owned by Disney itself, and numerous offerings are closed, pending refurbishment (Restaurant Marrakesh has not yet reopened, though it has been used as a Guest seating area). But that doesn’t mean you should avoid it.

EPCOT's Morocco
Credit: Disney

Morocco has long been one of our favorite pavilions in EPCOT’s World Showcase. Wander its winding back alleys, and you’ll be rewarded with graceful fountains, exquisite tile work carried out by artisans brought here from Morocco, stunning stone arches, palm trees, and even jaw-dropping two-story courtyard flanked with pillars that represents a traditional Moroccan home.

It’s easy to find a secluded spot to enjoy a romantic moment or two with a loved one, away from the hustle and bustle of the World Showcase.

Pandora – World of Avatar

There’s never a bad time to visit Pandora – World of Avatar at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park! But to maximize its romantic impact, visit at night, when it’s transformed into a bioluminescent wonderland.

Pandora - World of Avatar
Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

Wander down the glowing pathways of Pandora, and you’ll discover myriad little nooks featuring otherworldly foliage, floating mountains, and colorful, gushing waterfalls.  It’s perfect for a romantic stroll with a significant other! Hop on Na’vi River Journey for a peaceful ride down the river, amid the ethereal flora and fauna of Pandora’s rainforest, to complete your evening.

Bottom Line

Despite the thousands of Guests who enjoy Walt Disney World Theme Parks each and every day, it’s still possible to find quiet, beautifully romantic nooks that will make the crowds feel a world away. The next time you visit WDW, why not explore the Parks to seek out your own favorite romantic spots? After all, there’s nothing better than exploring the most magical place on Earth with someone you love!

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