Potential Impact: Disney’s New ‘Female-Led’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film Raises Concerns

New Female Led Pirates Caribbean
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A news outlet recently confirmed the news that a new female-led Pirates of the Caribbean is in the works—but fans are unhappy.

Every time a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie comes out, fans are thrilled with the news and flock to theatres to watch the movie. The franchise has a solid fanbase that is devoted to the movie series and is ready to watch new sequels and movies that come out.

Unfortunately, the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie might hurt Disney if the current responses of fans are any indication.

Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean / Credit: Disney

The Hollywood Handle Confirms New “Female-Led” ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

On February 5, 2024, outlet The Hollywood Handle confirmed that the upcoming “female-led” Pirates of the Caribbean was still in the works at Disney, and the studio has reportedly even found one of their stars.

The handle shared in a post that Ayo Edebiri from The Bear is going to be cast as a character named Anne.

The post also reported that Disney wants a “younger cast of pirates” looking for a “hidden treasure.”

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However, rather than express excitement at this movie, fans were upset to hear that—despite all of producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s statements—Disney still hasn’t appeared to have patched things up with Johnny Depp to bring the veteran actor back as Captain Jack Sparrow.

One commented, “They’re never going to outdue Jack Sparrow. The pirates movies are nothing without Sparrow. Just give it up please.”

Another added, “Disney can do whatever they want…..It’s their funeral and millions upon millions of movie-goers and dollars to be lost. Will serve them right. It’s really quite simple: #NoJohnnyNoPirates.”

Note: The trailer posted above is a fan-made trailer

This isn’t the first instance of a female-led Pirates of the Caribbean movie making the rounds. Previously, we’ve reported on rumors that Margot Robbie was being considered to helm the next movie. However, that movie was reported to be abandoned.

So far, we have no confirmation from Disney on any of this news, and much of this remains speculation. This news from The Hollywood Handle is the first update we’ve heard on this story in a while. It will certainly be interesting to see what actually pans

Would you watch a female-led “Pirates of the Caribbean?” Or are you team #NoJohnnyNoPirates? 

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  1. I will not be going to see the new movie , without Depp it will not be the same, he makes the movie, he is funny, sad, and at times compassionate he has all the emotions, he can play it all.

  2. Just start a new storyline with a different title and be done. Without Johnny Depp it will crash of you try to continue Pirates of the Caribbean.

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