New Refillable Mug at Disney World Park

Typhoon Lagoon
Credit: Disney

Typhoon Lagoon is the most popular water Park in Walt Disney World Resort. It offers Guests fun and exciting ways to cool down when faced with brutal temperatures and the hot Central Florida sun.

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A New Mug

New Mug

Credit: WDW News Today

The Park has just released a new refillable mug that lets Guests enjoy unlimited beverages for $12.99 (and $8.50 for an additional day). The refillable mug is a convenient and eco-friendly way to enjoy unlimited drinks throughout the day. Park Guests can fill their mugs with soda, coffee, tea, or even ice-cold water at self-service stations throughout Typhoon Lagoon. It comes with a lid, carrying handle, and bendable straw. The new mug features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ice Gator, Buttons, and Duncan the parrot.

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Old Friends

For those not familiar with the Water Park mascots, Ice Gator is the reptilian mascot of Blizzard Beach. He is a friendly creature who stumbled upon Blizzard Beach during a freezing winter and decided to make the water Park his new home.

Ice Gator

Credit: Duke Remington

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Buttons is the youngest member of the Snowman family near the Blizzard Beach entrance who wears pink overalls and personalized Mickey ears. Finally, Duncan, the parrot, is a character from the former attraction Miss Adventure Falls. When the attraction was active, Duncan was an audio-animatronic macaw who perched atop the attraction’s loading area and made witty comments to the Park Guests.

Duncan the Parrot

Credit: FigmentJedi

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Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse don tropical beachwear on the cup, with Minnie sporting a swimsuit, sandals, and sunglasses and Mickey wearing a pair of trunks.

The mug is available for purchase throughout the water Park and provides Guests with a special keepsake to remember their Walt Disney World vacation.

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