One of Walt Disney World’s Most Recent Rides Is Already Showing Obvious Signs of Wear and Tear

When a theme park is as old as Walt Disney World Resort, it’s totally understandable to see gradual wear and tear, even on our favorite rides.


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Every now and then, a classic attraction like the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean may run into technical difficulties, causing the ride to go down for an hour or so. Sometimes, an effect or an animatronic in an attraction as old as “it’s a small world” will stall or won’t move at all. This is exceptionally unsurprising for the attractions that have been running since Walt Disney World’s opening day over 50 years ago.

But would you expect an attraction as recent as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance to show some obvious damages after nearly three years of running?

rise of the resistance

Credit: Disney

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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance debuted in Hollywood Studios on December 5, 2019, meaning it hasn’t even been a full three years just yet. Despite the ride’s youth, Guests are always noticing malfunctions in the ride mechanics, effects, and animatronics.

However, nobody has pointed out any substantial, magic-ruining damages…until now.

Looks like Lieutenant Bek got hit by a stray blaster shot today.. from WaltDisneyWorld

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While visiting Hollywood Studios, one Guest snapped this picture and posted it to Reddit, showing that Lieutenant Bek (one of the first animatronics Guests see while riding this attraction) had taken some serious marring on his face.

A damage this noticeable is not only unsettling, but it’s also terrible for maintaining the illusion. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is one of the only attractions in Walt Disney World with this level of illusion, show, and magic. Something as crucial as an animatronic that directly interacts with Guests showing apparent signs of damage can easily disrupt Disney magic.

Galaxy's Edge WDW

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Right now, we don’t know whether Disney has given Lieutenant Bek’s puppet the face-lift it needs to continue the illusion. But we do know that the magic will be less convincing as long as there’s a massive tear on this animatronic’s face.

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