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Are More Changes Coming to this Disney Water Park?

The Walt Disney World Resort is home to two water parks, and while one of them is in full swing of its summer season, the other has been closed for seven months. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park is currently in its busiest season, with Guests spending the day at the park as well as select evenings during H2O Glow Nights. Blizzard Beach, however, has remained closed since January with no reopening date in sight.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a fan-favorite water park that takes on the totally unique theme of a melted Florida ski resort. The park features iconic attractions like the 120-ft. freefall water slide, Summit Plummet, along with Tike’s Peak for little ones, Runoff Rapids, and more.


Slush Gusher (Credit: Disney)

We have continued to keep an eye on any updates out of Blizzard Beach, and the latest comes with new construction permits filed for Melt-Away Bay. If you are not familiar with all of Blizzard Beach’s attractions, Melt-Away Bay is the park’s wave pool that occupies nearly one acre of the property.

As with most construction permits around Walt Disney World, the work listed on the permit is vague leaving a lot open to interpretation for just how much work will be done on this Disney Park. This construction permit focuses on “general construction,” but where the selected contractor is Page Piping, it seems possible that it is for some behind-the-scenes work that goes into the safe and effective running of the wave pool.

Tike’s Peak (Credit: Disney)

Disney has not released any official updates on Blizzard Beach since the theme park closed at the beginning of the year. Typically both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon will close at different times for their annual refurbishments simply for routine maintenance, but since their closures at the onset of the pandemic, both Disney Parks have been closed for longer than their usual schedules.

Blizzard Beach’s reopening has also been pushed back a couple of times and, with the exception of the time immediately following the start of the pandemic, this summer has been the first with only one Walt Disney World water park opening since before the construction of Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. (The now long-closed River Country was the only Disney World water park until Typhoon Lagoon opened in 1989.)

Melt-Away Bay (Credit: Disney)

Disney’s official description of Melt-Away Bay reads:

Listen to the sound of gentle waves lapping the shore—or grab an inner tube and bob in the warm swells.

Mount Gushmore’s waterfalls cascade into massive Melt-Away Bay, creating short waves perfect for leisurely floating, with just enough excitement. Swim out to the rocky outcrops and bask under a refreshing waterfall.

Then, luxuriate in a lounge chair on the white-sand beaches.

We will continue to monitor potential changes to Melt-Away Bay and other updates to Disney’s Blizzard Beach, and will be back with more information as we have it here on DisneyTips.

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