Should You Be a Disney Cast Member? Ask This Astrology Machine

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Depending on who you ask, being a Disney cast member can be among the most rewarding jobs. It can also, however, be the most stressful. And if we’re being honest, it is not the highest-paid hourly work. But what it lacks in hourly pay, it makes up for with much more.

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Disney Cast Member Benefits

For starters, you can enjoy free admission to any Walt Disney World Resort theme park. Obviously, this also allows you to enjoy various attractions (when you’re not working).

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You can also enjoy many other perks of Disney, such as access to backstage areas, secrets of how certain attractions or special effects work, and discounts.

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But one of the most significant benefits of being a Disney cast member is being part of the magic. There’s something special about knowing that your actions will create lifetime memories for kids, adults, and families.

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Whether your role is custodial, operating a ride, or being friends with a character, it makes the guest experience truly magical.

The Astrology Machine

A new Co-Star Astrology Machine located in Los Angeles, California, provides various readings and responses to one’s questions about life. In addition to many questions you can ask the machine about careers, one prompt is “Should I become a Disney Cast Member?”

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It’s something many Disney park fans have thought about from time to time. In fact, many Disney fans may have already experimented with that idea at some point. Perhaps even in the Disney College Program...

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To use the LA machine, users simply select their questions and input their birth chart information. This information would include details such as your birth date, time, and city (among other information).

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Next, it will generate a custom reading that includes your answer.

The Co-Star Astrology Machine is based on the Co-Star app. The astrology-based application launched in 2017 uses AI chatbots and other technology to create personalized astrology readings.

The machine contains various gauges showing how the planets were aligned multiple times.

What Else Can it Do?

In addition to asking questions about being a Disney Cast Member, you can also ask questions about other important life decisions. The machine will easily provide answers/advice for topics such as love, soulmates, and questions about self-expression.

Prompts include questions such as “Should I become an anarchist?” “Should I give myself a tattoo?” or “Should I delete social media?”

Whether you truly believe in astrology (or even the Co-Star app), it would still be curious to see what answers the machine would provide you (or any of us) when it comes to being an employee of the Walt Disney Company.

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