Walt Disney World Rides Even Adults Can Find Scary

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If you think that Walt Disney World is all flying elephants and carousels, you are wrong. There are a few rides throughout the four Theme Parks that even some adults find scary and won’t ride when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.

Take a look and see if you agree with the list.


Over in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in DinoLand U.S.A. is DINOSAUR. There is nothing cute or adorable about the dinos that we will encounter on this ride.

Guests board a Time Rover, where they are taken on an intense ride through the age of the dinosaurs. Large animatronics surround the ride vehicle as they are rushed through the different scenes.

If the giant animatronics aren’t enough to scare you, the dark surroundings and loud noises make it even more intense.

The final fear factor is when the terrifying Carnataurus tries to come at the Time Rover (of course, that’s a convenient time for the ride photo).

We always warn Guests about this ride when it comes to little ones, as some might be fooled by the dinosaur theme, but the intense, dark and large animatronics can make it scary for even adults.

Space Mountain

Another Theme Park ride that adults often find scary is Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom. This classic Walt Disney World ride can be overwhelming for riders.

Sitting on your own in the rocket can be a little scary for Guests, since they don’t have anyone to hang on to during the ride.

From there, the tension continues as you prepare to blast off and then are shot off into what feels like complete darkness.

Although there might be pockets of light throughout the ride, overall, you feel like you are being tossed around space in the complete dark.

For most of us, we like to see where we are going, so this makes Space Mountain a little scary. There is no way to know where your rocket will go next, leaving you feeling like you are constantly being tossed around.

Even though Space Mountain only reaches a speed of approximately 27 mph, as you blast through the darkness it seems a lot faster.

Many Guests absolutely love Space Mountain, but if you aren’t a fan of the dark and don’t like not knowing where you are going, Space Mountain might be a little scary for you.

Tower of Terror (Credit: Disney)

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, one of the more intimidating rides in Walt Disney World is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

The creepy and spooky feelings start as you walk down Sunset Boulevard and can hear Guests screaming from the Hollywood Tower Hotel itself.

As you enter the queue, the rundown hotel courtyard and lobby continue to add to the unsettling feelings as you see the long forgotten items covered in dust and cobwebs.

The backstory continues to add to the scare factor, as Guests learn how the tower was hit by lightning, and five Guests disappeared. The elevator door opens again, and now you are invited in.

As you travel through the Twilight Zone, the creepy and spooky atmosphere continues to build until you are locked in for the drop sequence.

No matter how many times you ride Tower of Terror, it is impossible to predict your drop sequence as each ride is different, adding to how scary it can be.

Those who don’t like being in closed spaces, plummeting elevators, or the dark will find Tower of Terror, well, terrifying.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Also found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. This intense roller coaster can be too much for even adults.

With a zero to 57 mph launch, many adults find the start of the coaster too much to handle.

From there, the coaster has numerous inversions, including inversion rolls and loops, all in the dark. This 80 second coaster is intense.

Although it is over before you have time to process, the combination of the launch and loops can be scary to those who prefer a calmer experience.

If you aren’t ready to rock, maybe sit this one out.

Credit: Disney

Haunted Mansion

Our final ride that even adults might find a little unsettling is the beloved Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square.

Very much like the Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the spooky feel begins as you enter the queue for Haunted Mansion.

As Guests enter the Stretching Room, they are introduced to their Ghost Host and warned about no windows or doors before the room goes completely dark.

The scare factor continues throughout the first part of the ride as Guests see wall to wall creeps and chills throughout the different rooms.

The darkness and intense scenes can be terrifying for kids and adults alike, so be prepared.

These are some of the rides throughout Walt Disney World’s four Theme Parks that can be scary even for adults.

As you are planning your vacation to Walt Disney World, be aware of how some rides might be scary, and take that into consideration when making your plans.

Think about watching ride-through videos or even looking at pictures. That way, anyone who might be uncertain about a ride can make a better and more informed decision regarding if they would want to ride or not.

Even if you decide to skip out on these more intense rides, you can still have a magical trip to Walt Disney World.


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