Warning: This Heartwarming Disney100 Promo Will Make You Cry!

For nearly 100 years, the Walt Disney Company has been creating everything from short to full-length feature films, and each has impacted hundreds of people. Many Disney movies have been so culturally impactful that they’ve been added to the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry.


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From the re-telling of our favorite fairy tales with creative spins to entirely new ideas, the Walt Disney Company has been taking audiences to new worlds for decades. The Disney magic touches the hearts of everybody!

In short, because the Walt Disney Company has gotten exceptionally good at writing emotionally touching stories, it makes sense that Disney fans are some of the most sentimental people across all of fandom. After all, who can resist a happy ending?


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If you’re a passionate and sentimental Disney fan, then the Disney Parks snippet of the Disney100 promo shown at 2022’s D23 Expo is sure to make you cry.

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Theme park reporter Scott Gustin recently shared this Tweet, saying, “The Disney Parks portion of the full Disney100 promo shown at #D23Expo earlier this year is still one of my favorite parks sizzle reels,” and we can totally see why. The different clips of each Disney Park throughout the years are sure to make any Disney fan tear up at least a little! But if you’re crying by the end of this little clip, you’re totally not alone. 

mickey mouse hugging kids

Credit: Disney

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This little snippet is making audiences more excited than ever to see what else is in store for Disney Parks all around the world as the Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100th anniversary!

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