Another Disney Guest Jumps Off Ride at Magic Kingdom

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Another guest? Yes.

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A Dangerous Disney Trend

For those unaware, this seems to be an unfortunate trend at Disney Parks. When certain rides are stalled or stop working for one reason or another, it appears that many Disney guests are only willing to wait so long.

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Earlier this year, there have been many cases of guests jumping off of rides.

Shots of Guest jumping off of Pirates of the Caribbean

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These stories included one guest who hopped off Big Thunder Mountain to retrieve his phone, a man who jumped off Pirates of the Caribbean with his daughter, and most recently, a man who hopped off Space Mountain while on the lift hill.

Guy jumps off big thunder mountain railroad

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Aside from the obvious problems of these dangerous behaviors that could result in serious injuries, it can also get you banned from Walt Disney World Resort.

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Recently, it seems that Walt Disney World has less and less tolerance for unruly guests. Whether this is parkgoers who are drunk, fight with cast members (or other guests), or totally disregard safety rules.

It is too much of a liability for Disney to worry about park guests getting injured – or worse – killed over unsafe behavior and breaking the rules.

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Another Guest Jumps Off Ride

The most recent instance concerns a Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin guest. Similar to some of the other situations this year, the ride had apparently stalled.

buzz lightyear space ranger spin

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According to a video shared on social media, it appears the gusts jumped out of his vehicle and ran along the stationary ride vehicles. It also shows a cast member walking along the platform and escorting the guests off of the ride. The video also includes a short part where the guests grabs a bag from a vehicle (presumably his) upon leaving.

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As mentioned earlier, this behavior can be dangerous, even on a slow-moving ride such as Buzz Lightyear. The omnimover ride system that the attraction uses can accidentally cause injuries if it starts moving and a person’s foot is in between the vehicles.


Apparently they don’t like it when you hop out and enter the set 😳🤯 #magickingdom #buzzlightyear #guestsbehavingbadly #waltdisneyworld

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Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin originally opened in Magic Kingdom 25 years ago just before Toy Story 2 released into theaters.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Credit: Disney

It replaced Delta Dreamflight (renamed to Take Flight near the end of its run). Located in Tomorrowland, Delta Dreamflight/Take Flight used a similar omnimover system that took guests through the history of air travel.

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Regarding the guest who was apaprently escorted off the ride, it’s unclear at this time whether or not he was ejected from the park and tresspassed (banned) from Walt Disney World. However, it might be safe to assume he was…

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