Be the Best Ghost Host With Haunted Mansion Housewares

Coffin inside the Haunted Mansion
Credit: D23

Have you ever wanted to live at the Haunted Mansion? Well, that may not be possible, at least not without breaking theme Park rules and getting trespassed from Walt Disney World for life.

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But you can do the next best thing – turn your home into a ghostly manor with all the same haunting hallmarks. Disney has recently released a new collection of Haunted Mansion housewares. And they are to die for…

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Painting

Credit: Disney

The Haunted Mansion Throw Pillow – $34.99

Inspired by the classic theme Park attraction, it features the stretching portraits on one side, while the reverse is decorated with the attraction’s familiar wallpaper.

The Haunted Mansion Weighted Throw – $74.99

An excellent complement to the previously mentioned throw pillow, it features the classic Haunted Mansion wallpaper on one side. The quilted throw also contains 12 pounds of glass beads that help reduce stress and simulate the feel of being swaddled. Disney claims you’ll even “love being buried” under its weight.

Throw Pillow and Throw Blanket on a chair

Credit: Disney

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Madame Leota Book Box – $39.99

This faux book is designed to look like a classic leather-bound encyclopedia of the Haunted Mansion. Its front depicts the portrait from Madame Leota’s tombstone with its raised epitaph below. The box opens to hide household items, is lined with velvet, and has a magnetic closure.

Haunted Mansion storage book box. Closed on one side of the image, open on the other.

Credit: Disney

The Haunted Mansion Cheese Board – $59.99

Made of slate and wood, it depicts the spectral image of the Hitchhiking Ghosts and the distinctive wallpaper seen at the attraction.

The Haunted Mansion Porcelain Cake Stand – $44.99

This creepy cake stand features a pillar with the Haunted Mansion logo and a gargoyle perched atop, securing the plate.

Haunted mansion cheese board on one side, cake plate on the other

Credit: Disney

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Hitchhiking Ghosts Doom Buggy Pet Bed – $59.99

Inspired by the iconic vehicles in the Haunted Mansion, the pet bed also features the hitchhiking ghosts. It provides your furry family member with a soft padded surface and is made of polyester.

Dog with toy sitting next to Haunted mansion pet bed.

Credit: Disney

These new Haunted Mansion home goods are a perfect way to gin up excitement for the new Haunted Mansion (2023) movie coming out later this month. And even if you don’t see it – who doesn’t want their house to have the same ambiance of the Haunted Mansion ride? Calling every Guest who enters your house a foolish mortal…and then forcing them to leave after nine minutes? Being a Ghost Host is easy!

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