Disney’s Animal Kingdom

8 Reasons We Love Winter at Walt Disney World

Anytime is a great time to visit Walt Disney World, but there is definitely something extra special about the winter months.  When we say winter, we mean December through February.  This is a time when it is normally frigid, icy and snowing in other places around the globe.  Here are the top 8 reasons why we love winter at Walt ...

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The 6 Areas of Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a wonderful place to take a wild adventure with your family. From real live animals and amazing shows to exciting thrill rides and gorgeous scenery, this park is everything you could possibly want from a Disney park, but with a unique flair that people of all ages love. Of course, the key to really enjoying a Disney ...

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Top 10 Gift Shops at Walt Disney World

Each and every Walt Disney World vacation is sure to be amazing and filled with memories. One of the best ways for guests to keep those memories alive and remember each vacation is by purchasing the perfect souvenirs to bring home. Walt Disney World is home to countless shopping locations that range from massive stores to small carts. Each location ...

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Most Popular Character Meet and Greets at Walt Disney World

Meeting favorite Disney characters tops the to-do list for most kids on a Walt Disney World vacation.  But even if it’s been a few years or more since you were a kid, you likely still have a soft spot for at least one Disney character.  And there’s no shame in wanting to meet this character in person!  In fact, there ...

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7 Best Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Are you ready for a new adventure? A day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is always full of exciting entertainment, thrilling rides, delicious treats, and of course, the stars of the show, the amazing animals. If you want to explore another aspect of this park, try the challenging hunt for Hidden Mickeys. Keep your eyes open for three circles situated together ...

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Ultimate Walt Disney World Experience Checklist – 10 Things You Must Do

Every guest who travels to Walt Disney World has a set list of traditions and experiences that they must enjoy at some point during their vacation. It could be something as simple as taking a picture in front of Cinderella Castle or something a little more elaborate such as enjoying dinner at a signature restaurant like California Grill at Disney’s ...

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My Top 10 Walt Disney World Experiences

When you take a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, you do so for several reasons. You love the rides, but that’s not all. You love the shows and live entertainment, but that isn’t it. You love seeing the nighttime spectaculars. But still—that’s not the only reason you go. In fact, while no other entertainment company on ...

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10 Most Common Walt Disney World Debates

Hollywood Studios Margarita Flight

There are so many strong-minded Disney fans out there who have very definitive opinions on several aspects of a Walt Disney World vacation.  None of the opinions are wrong, just different preferences and ways of seeing things. We have outlined some of the most common Walt Disney World debates for you to check out and see which side you fall ...

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Ultimate Dessert List: Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

1. “UP!” Cake Push Pop One of the newest (and trendiest) desserts perfect for an ultimate dessert list at Animal Kingdom is the “Up!” inspired Cake Push Pop. A simple and easy dessert to eat on the go, snag this cake pop from Warung Outpost before seeing the new “UP! A Great Big Bird Adventure” located in Asia. This colorful ...

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