Disney World Announces New Castle Lighting Show

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Credit: Disney

As part of Disney’s Halfway to the Holidays celebration, new and exciting announcements are being made. Disney has released new merchandise, provided Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party dates, and even announced a new Holiday party at Hollywood Studios (Disney Jollywood Nights).

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No More Cinderella Castle Dream Lights

In addition to all these holiday-themed events and surprises, Disney offers another: a new Frozen-inspired show at Cinderella Castle.


Credit: Disney

The Cinderella Castle Dream Lights were a holiday staple at the Magic Kingdom Park for years. The dazzling display debuted in 2007 and depicted Cinderella and friends calling upon the Fairy Godmother to light up the castle every night during the holiday season. The same show ran for seven years, but in 2014, the characters from Frozen moved in to light up the night. With Elsa taking up the mantel, she replaced the Fairy Godmother and instead used her ice powers to light up the castle until 2019.

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The Dream Lights did not return in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, and in 2021, the 50th-anniversary decorations prevented the lights from being installed for the holidays.

A Frozen Holiday Surprise

But this year, a new castle lighting show is taking place: Frozen Holiday Surprise. Elsa returns as the show’s star, but instead of using her ice powers to cover the castle with icicles, it looks as though the castle will be covered in snowflakes.

Frozen Holiday Surprise Promo

Credit: Disney

Only a few details have been released, but it is confirmed that Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and the Snowgies will all gather together as part of the show. It also appears the show will primarily use projections to create the special effects. Unlike most of the Magic Kingdom’s special holiday events, this lighting will occur during regular Park hours and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

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In addition to the show, Santa Claus will be making the rounds to all Disney Parks this holiday season – including one of the water parks where he will be sporting his tropical holiday beachwear.


Credit: Disney

It’s still over six months until Christmas, and Walt Disney World will undoubtedly have more details as the holiday season gets closer!

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