Disney’s Seasonal Menu You Have to Try

Brown Derby Lounge
Credit: Disney

Disney is filled with delicious cuisine and fun-themed restaurants to try. It is no secret that Hollywood Studios has some great options. Even if you’ve tried every restaurant, there is always something new to discover. Disney often releases limited-time foods to keep us fans on our toes.

In May, Disney’s Hollywood Brown Derby released a seasonal menu for the summer. While the pictures alone may sell you on this, so will this review. If you are looking for a rich experience, vibrant flavors, and a whole new dining experience at Disney, then look no further.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Credit: D23

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Seasonal Menu

The Hollywood Brown Derby is known for their classic “Famous Cobb Salad” and timeless drinks. Since their release of this limited menu, I’m unsure how fans haven’t been flocking to the restaurant. Disney writes, “The culinary team has masterfully put together dishes featuring the freshest of ingredients for the summer and created a menu that will leave you and your taste buds wanting more.” And they are not exaggerating by marrying fresh ingredients with your taste buds needing more.

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To start off with appetizers, this is for the seafood lovers. If you aren’t a seafood fan, though, do not fret; there are other options for you too! Their Crab Louie and Shrimp Cocktail are two offerings that taste as fresh as the sea. Their Burrata Salad melts in your mouth, and Escargot brings flavors you never knew were possible.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

For entrees, they have something for everyone on the menu. More classic dishes like Filet Mignon and Lamb Shank are on the menu for hearty meat lovers. Those interested in seafood have options like Seafood Cioppino, bringing out of this “water” flavors with shrimp, mussels, scallops, and seasonal fish. This one may have been the best food ever served and enjoyed in Disney World.

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The Hollywood Brown Derby

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Final Review

Of course, dessert and drinks are always on the menu when you are ready to indulge. What initially felt most exciting about trying this menu was experiencing The Hollywood Brown Derby in a new way. After enjoying the most delicious meal in Hollywood Studios, it felt like a luxurious culinary experience one could only be so lucky to try.

Book your reservation at The Hollywood Brown Derby this summer, and I promise you will not be disappointed!

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