Johnny Depp as the Next Disney Princess?

Johnny Depp as Disney Princesses
Credit: @the_ai_dreams

If there are two things Walt Disney Studio fans love, it’s Johnny Depp and Disney Princesses. But what about combining the two entities into one? Could that be a blockbuster phenomenon or an embarrassing failure for the Walt Disney Company?

Johnny Depp

Credit: D23

Most people have probably given little thought to the idea of the Pirates of the Caribbean star donning Cinderella’s dress or putting on Elsa’s crown.


Credit: Disney

But someone did.

A digital creator (@the_ai_dreams) has created shared what this concept could look like on multiple social media platforms. 

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Although currently, there are no scheduled films in production where Fantastic Beasts star Johnny Depp is being cast as a Disney Princess, it still provides some interesting concepts to chew on.

Johnny Depp

Credit: D23

The Walt Disney Company has never shied away from controversial casting choices, and despite the back and forth over Disney dropping Johnny Depp as their signature pirate, he has a long relationship with the company.

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The first princess we’ll look at is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. In this artificial intelligent artwork, Johnny Depp wears a gold dress inspired by the gown from the live-action film. He also holds the enchanted rose in his right hand.

Johnny Depp as Belle

Credit: @the_ai_dreams


The next one on this list is Johnny Depp as Rapunzel from Tangled. Although his hair isn’t as long as in the animated version, it’s colored blond, and he wears a lavender dress.

Johnny Depp as Rapunzel

Credit: @the_ai_dreams

Interestingly enough, this artwork has Depp with a rugged vest, similar to something you’d see Captain Jack Sparrow or even Flynn Rider wear.

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Snow White

This AI image of Johnny Depp as the original Disney Princess shows the actor with hair black as night. He also holds a poisonous red apple in his hand.

Johnny Depp as Snow White

Credit: @the_ai_dreams

Although not the most feminine outfit of this collection, it may make you wonder if he would be a less controversial choice than Rachel Zegler.

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In a light blue classic gown is Johnny Depp as Cinderella. Wearing a dress not unlike those you may find at the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique, the classic actor interestingly has no glass slipper in this image.

Johnny Depp as Cinderella

Credit: @the_ai_dreams


This interesting image shows Johnny Depp appearing more like Aquaman than anything resembling the little mermaid. The only similarity is the red flowing hair and the sea life in the background.

Johnny Depp as Ariel

Credit: @the_ai_dreams


Maybe Amber Heard froze his heart? This image of Johnny Depp as Elsa makes him appear more dashing than dangerous. The white fur and ice-themed accents signal pure royalty.

Johnny Depp as Elsa

Credit: @the_ai_dreams

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Another interesting image created by artificial intelligence is this version of Tiana. It’s puzzling as to why he’s wearing glasses, since that’s not a standard look for Princess Tiana.

Johnny Depp as Princess Tiana

Credit: @the_ai_dreams

Tinker Bell

Yes, I know she’s not an actual Disney Princess. But this image screams Never Land and is worth showing. Although he looks more like Peter Pan with wings, it’s another interesting “reimagining.”

Johnny Depp as Tinker Bell

Credit: @the_ai_dreams

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More images of stars and characters can also be found by @the_AI_Dreams on social media, including those featuring ones from Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones, and many other pop culture properties!

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