Parking Trams Are Finally Returning to Walt Disney World

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Parking trams are back! Walt Disney World offers many amenities to its Guests. Whether you are staying at a Disney Resort or off-property, Disney tries to make all Guest’s experiences magical. With this pursuit, Disney has rolled out helpful ways to make your Disney vacation easier.

During the covid-19 pandemic, many of the amenities Disney offered were put on pause. Housekeeping was one of them during Resort stays and parking trams were another. With the worldwide pandemic, standing six feet apart from another individual was required making certain useful parts of Disney no more.

Finally, Disney has announced parking trams are back and Guests are thrilled! Returning to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, Guests can now use the trams to get to and from the Parks from their parked vehicles.

Parking Trams at Walt Disney World

Many Guests feel this is an overdue update, but it’s here nonetheless! According to Scott Gustin, “Trams returned to Magic Kingdom in December 2021 and Animal Kingdom in May 2022.” This announcement means all four Parks at Disney World will once again offer parking trams.

Disney fans took to the comment section of X, to respond to the Disney Parks announcement. Although coming September 2023, many Guests are skeptical about the timeline, as things do not always show up when promised One Guest commented, “Only 1 year later than you promised. I mean, just like everything else y’all announce.”

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Another Guest wrote, “About damn time!!!! So excited for those guests driving to the parks!” While it seems fans have mixed reviews on the announcements, the parking trams are super useful to get to the theme Park parking lots. For any Guest traveling with their own vehicle, this takes some of the extra walking off your shoulders (or feet). Like Inside the Magic said, “After a long day at the theme Parks, parking trams can be a godsend, allowing Guests to kick back and relax, at least for a few minutes.”
Disney gives Guests many ways to get to the Parks via the Resort shuttles, parking trams from their own vehicles, monorail, ferryboat, water taxi, skyliner, or Minnie Van service. With the plethora of options, Guests are likely to find an easy route to start their Disney vacation.
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What’s your favorite way to get to Disney Park?

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