U.S. Air Force Adds Extra Magic to Disney

Fourth of July
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Disney set out to celebrate the Fourth of July in a big way this year. Before Tuesday, July 4, 2023, Disney World announced their foodie guide, along with other exciting specials for the holiday that would take place in the Parks. Unique character experiences like Mickey Mouse dressed in patriotic colors, sweet treats offered throughout the Parks to commemorate the day, and nighttime spectaculars to top off the evening were all a part of the two-day event at Disney.

Fourth of July snacks

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

But the most memorable moment of all was the U.S. Air Force flyovers over Magic Kingdom.

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U.S. Airforce Flyover

The U.S. Airforce jets flew over Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom yesterday to celebrate Independence Day. This unique experience was just another way to show patriotism and show support for the military members who protect our country. “At approximately 10:30 a.m., a squadron of F-35 stealth fighter jets flown by the 33rd Fighter Wing made two passes over the world-famous theme Park” Longview News Journal reports.

Disney writes, “A squadron of elite F-35 stealth fighter jets raced across the sky over the Castle, accompanied by thunderous jet noise above and patriotic music on the ground below.” Furthermore, this was not just a celebration of America’s birthday. Disney has been celebrating Disney100, the anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. In conjunction, it was also the 100th anniversary of the Airforce, celebrating 100 years of aerial refueling capabilities.

Fourth of July

Credit: Disney

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For the flyover, the Stratotanker took part, which is a large tanker aircraft that can carry up to seven tons of fuel and acts as an aerial gas station for the Air Force. Disney Guests got to enjoy the show, record the flyover and participate in this special moment in the Magic Kingdom. Katie Spencer recalls, “You feel the jet noise in your soul, and it inspires the next generation of patriotism. A touch of magic for the most magical place.”

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Holidays really do feel extra special when spent at a Disney Park. This Fourth of July celebration was no different. Have you celebrated a holiday at Disney?

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