Will Disney Ever Build a Third U.S. Theme Park?

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Disney Parks have never struggled with a lack of Guest attendance, and Disney’s U.S. Resorts lead the way as the most coveted destinations. Walt Disney World dominates as the most visited Disney Theme Park, followed by Disneyland Resort.

With overcrowding and price hikes continuing to be problematic at both U.S. locations, some Guests wonder why The Walt Disney Company has never built a third Disney Park. The West and East coast both don their own popular Disney Resort, but what about the Midwest?

Cinderella Castle

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Travel seems to be getting more difficult these days, following the pandemic, so to some; building another Disney Park seems like a logical next step for The Walt Disney Company. A conversation regarding the possibilities of another U.S. Theme Park has been commencing on Reddit.

User @u/Steakhouse42 exclaimed, “With Disney prices, ASTRONOMICAL now, should they open more Disneyland style parks in the USA?” Disney fans were divided in their answers, with some supporting the idea and some saying it was an unrealistic expectation.


Credit: Disney

Reddit user @u/ds11 responded, “Still would be astronomical at a 3rd resort because, surprise surprise, it costs money to build a theme park.” @u/Steakhouse42 argued that the financial aspect could be solved by building a budget-friendly Park in the midwest.

Several users disagreed with the notion, making their opinions known with a downvote. Another user, @u/Sweetbeans2001, suggested that Disney doesn’t mind the overcrowding problem because it means more money in their pockets.

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The user stated, “Disney will not open another park in America. It would take over a decade to build and cost billions. It would take guests away from DL and WDW. While we all would like less crowded parks, that’s not what Disney wants.”

It’s an interesting discussion, to be sure, and one that has undoubtedly entered the minds of multiple Disney fans over the years. So, what do you think? Is it likely that Disney will ever build a third Theme Park in the U.S., and do you think it’s a good idea?

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