Do THIS On Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation

Mickey Mouse
Credit: Disney

There is so much magic to take in on a Walt Disney World vacation it can be overwhelming. We have a fun list of things you should consider doing on your Walt Disney World vacation.

These are suggestions and by no means things that you have to do, but we think they are fun and wanted to pass them along as you prepare for your own magical Walt Disney World vacation.

Take Pictures With the Icons

Each of the four Theme Parks (Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT) has specific icons representing the Park.

When you visit, take some time to snap a photo or a few in front of these icons for a great memory.

In Magic Kingdom, make sure you get a picture in front of Cinderella Castle. We also recommend taking pictures from different spots around the hub of the castle.

There are some wonderful photo options on the sides of the castle and even the backside of the castle. It is such a beautiful icon, so consider taking pictures from different areas to capture the beauty.

In EPCOT, Spaceship Earth is the icon that represents the Park. If you can snag a picture at night of Spaceship Earth, this is stunning.

The lights that bring Spaceship Earth to life during the night and the monorail that goes by make for some fantastic photos.

Over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the amazing Tree of Life is the icon of the Park.

When you come to Discovery Island, you will be welcomed by this magnificent tree featuring hundreds of animals.

Take time to not only snag a picture of it but also search for those animals. Like Cinderella Castle, take some time to walk around the Tree of Life and get photos from different spots.

Finally, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has become the icon of the Park.

As you head down Sunset Boulevard, take some time to stop for a photo of the haunted hotel in the background.

These photos are great keepsakes and fun to have after returning home.

Credit: Tricia Kennedy

Meet Mickey Mouse

We should never forget that it all started with a mouse, and a trip to Walt Disney World isn’t complete, in our opinion, without meeting Mickey Mouse.

It is wonderful that Guests can now meet Mickey one-on-one once again in the Theme Parks.

In Magic Kingdom, Mickey Mouse meets Guests once again at Town Square Theatre on Main Street, U.S.A.

Over at EPCOT, we have also seen Mickey showing up in the Imagination Pavilion even though it isn’t listed or advertised.

Even though these meet and greets are modified (no hugs or autographs), we are thrilled that we can again chat with Mickey Mouse and thank him for the magic.

If you don’t care to see Mickey one-on-one, you can see him in a variety of cavalcades at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well as on the flotillas in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This is a quicker way to wave hello to Mickey as he walks by with his pals.

We are thrilled to see Mickey Mouse in the Parks once again as we feel like it is a great part of a Walt Disney World vacation.


Try Out Disney Transportation

Disney is known for the company’s innovation constantly bringing to the Parks. Part of this innovation comes in the way of transportation.

We realize that a Disney vacation is often busy getting from place to place quickly, but we highly recommend checking out some of the Disney transportation that is uniquely Disney.

The Disney monorail and the Disney Skyliner are two unique transportation systems that move Guests around Walt Disney World.

Take some time on your vacation to experience one if not both of these modes of transportation.

The Skyliner takes Guests to and from EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the monorail transports Guests to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

If you can fit it into your plans, take some time to catch a ride!


Have an Iconic Treat

Disney is known for the amazing treats, and a trip wouldn’t be complete without trying one of these iconic snacks.

Consider trying a Mickey shaped treat like a pretzel, Mickey Bar, or ice cream sandwich.

You can also try the famous egg rolls in Magic Kingdom or a dole whip in Adventureland.

The colossal Mickey cinnamon roll is also a great option in Disney’s Animal Kingdom or a lunch box tart or ronto wrap in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Take a look at some of the iconic Disney treats before you head down, so you know what you will want to get while visiting.

Credit: Paula K

Take in the Magic

This is the number one suggestion we have for your next Walt Disney World vacation- take in the magic.

It can be super easy to get wrapped up in everything you “have” to do while visiting and therefore miss the magic right in front of you.

When visiting Walt Disney World, take time to breathe in the magic. Stroll down Main Street, U.S.A., and marvel at the details.

Check out the iconic Disney walls and take fun photos or just relax on the hub grass.

To have a great vacation in Walt Disney World doesn’t mean you have to be constantly on a ride.

A good time is just being with those you love and enjoying the moment.

We hope that these suggestions will help you have a wonderful vacation to Walt Disney World. Remember they are suggestions and nothing you have to do when on your vacation. Have a magical time and enjoy!

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